Apple claims controversial iPhone battery warning is a ‘safety’ feature

Last week, it was discovered that iPhone users would lose battery status functionality by replacing their battery through a third-party service, leaving them unable to see diagnostics on how the battery works day by day and more widely.

iPhone users who have replaced their device batteries with third parties received the following obvious error message, even if a genuine battery was installed: "You cannot verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. The information on health is not available for this battery. "

Apple responds

Apple has responded to criticism that the message is designed exclusively to direct customers to their own replacement program, generally more expensive, by stating that it is a user safety issue.

Speaking to The Verge an Apple spokesman said: “This information is there to help protect our customers from damaged, low-quality or used batteries that can lead to safety or performance problems. This notification does not affect the customer’s ability to use the phone after unauthorized repair. ”

It could reasonably be argued that the inability to see the health, performance, and lifespan of a battery does impact on the client's ability to use the phone to its full extent.

However, in the case of Apple, it could also be argued that the company cannot guarantee that the diagnostic data it shows is accurate when the replacement has been performed by a third party, even if the battery itself is authentic .

Other controversies

The legal implications for Apple if it showed the diagnostic data of batteries replaced by a third party are unclear and would probably vary from region to region.

Last year, in Australia, Apple was fined 9 million Australian dollars by the country's consumer control agency after informing customers that they had no right to repair or refund their bricks IOS devices because they had undergone third party repairs.

The court ruled that "the simple fact that an iPhone or iPad has been repaired by someone other than Apple did not result, and could not, as a result of consumer guarantees ceasing to apply, or consumer law that a remedy be extinguished. "

At the end of 2017, Apple also began offering cheaper battery replacements for older iPhones due to a controversy called BatteryGate.

Essentially, the latest versions of iOS would speed up the CPU on older iPhones to maintain a reasonable battery life, but Apple didn't make this clear enough for users. It is one of the main reasons why the technology giant first implemented the Battery Health function in iOS 12.


Regarding the current controversy, Apple told The Verge that users who receive the "unauthorized" warning message but believe that their battery is in fact authorized, should take their device to the service that replaced it to verify it. .

This should re-enable Battery Health functionality, but for those who have replaced their battery with a third-party business, Apple currently does not offer a solution.

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