Apple buys companies at the same rate you buy groceries

Apple does not always tell the world when it buys from another company, but in reality, it is discreetly creating new companies all the time. This weekend, CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that Apple buys a new company every two to three weeks on average, and bought between 20 and 25 companies in the last six months alone.

That's about as often as I bought edibles for some … oh, let's call them periods of my life like "adjacent fresh vegetables."

You know how human beings never stop being surprised when they arrive at the cash register and see how much of their paycheck they are about to charge. in the food? I wonder if Apple ever feels that way. I guess not, considering how, reportedly, the company has $ 225.4 billion in cash in hand, enough to resolve a historic series of trials with Qualcomm 50 times more, if the time came.

A number of Apple's smallest purchases make the news, by the way! Here are a lot of the most recent ones that come to mind.

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