Apple, Amazon, Google, and others sued for selling thousands of pirated recordings

Harold Arlen's estate, responsible for composing Over the Rainbow and numerous classic songs, is suing Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Pandora for unauthorized recording sales of composers. The most famous music. Forbes states that the lawsuit relates to a "gigantic music copyright infringement" involving more than 6,000 pirated records.

Arlen composed some of the most famous 20th century soundtracks in Hollywood movies and Broadway. Similarly musical. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1939 through Rainbow composed with the composer Y. Harburg of The Wizard of Oz . Arlen wrote a song in 1954 A Star is Born and performed with composers such as Ira Gershwin and Johnny Mercer. Arlen died in 1986.

You can see some unauthorized versions quoted in a lawsuit at an online store. For example, Ethel Ennis's Once Again … album was streamed from Apple Music but edited to eliminate the RCA Victor logo.

In other cases, there is a clear price difference between the two digital copies of the original cast recording of the musical Jamaica sold on Amazon. If it appears to be a certified version of the Masterworks Broadway label, the entire album costs $ 9.99, individual tracks $ 1.29, and unauthorized copies of Soundtrack Classics are $ 3.99 and $ 0.99, respectively. Like the Ethel Ennis album, the unauthorized cover of the RCA Victor logo appears to have been edited.

In the lawsuit, this online retailer claims to be selling and streaming these records without permission. As the lawsuit said, "It is hard to imagine anyone on Tower Records across the street claiming to be a record label of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald, with arms full of CDs and vinyl records."

, Which makes 216 claims over that 148 pages. Along with large technology companies, claim that a number of retailers have provided music catalogs that include unauthorized recordings. In addition to damages and payment of attorneys' fees, we require that the infringement be terminated.

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