Apple adds extra step to App Store subscriptions to prevent scams and accidental purchases

Apple can add an additional pop-up screen to see if the user is paying a recurring subscription fee. When users download an app that requires a subscription or tap the in-app subscription option, a pop-up appears after the initial Face ID or Touch ID confirmation screen is displayed.

The "Check subscription" menu tells the user that the subscription will continue without canceling the settings. This is informative. In particular, most apps attract users by offering free trials, so users may not know that they will continue to be charged even after the trial has ended. This feature was first discovered by the developer David Barnard .

This update addresses Apple's ongoing efforts to create in-app billing options. @schiller

– David Barnard (@drbarnard) It is part of. It is more transparent. In January, the company began asking users to subscribe to apps to show their full costs before signing up to crack misleading in-app subscriptions.

This feature is useful for reducing the fraud of Touch ID phones. Tap the Home button to run a fingerprint scan to verify your purchase. Some fitness apps use fingerprints to get fingerprint scans of & # 39; fitness tracking data & # 39; while users make in-app purchases. New pop-up screens can serve as additional safeguards against bad actors.

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