Apple adds an emoji for the drunk weirdo at the bar

iOS updates generally mean more emoticons and iOS 12.1 as well. As mentioned in Emojipedia considering all skin and gender, there are 158 small icons added to the iPhone, such as lettuce, badger, and legless legs. cool. "Woozy Face is cool, except for emoticon 5, titled" Woozy Face "with a distinct eye.

Woozy Face says," My friend has a drunken face "

apple adds an emoji for the drunk weirdo at the bar

In 2AM, this is an emoticon that slides next to you and tries to converse and spills beer into your hair immediately, because this emoticon spews out of your cab and says "

But please, do not listen to me. I do not want to hear it, but please do not listen to me. Julia: This emoticon is a digital clone of the most nasty person I have ever met at a bar.

Julia: We staggered where we sat and watched a rapture in the NBA Finals and then we asked to speak to our team members, even through the nauseating voices of the mouth and the bad words that made them believe they could be attractive. The only good thing about emoticons is that they can be used as a signal to a friend who is playing elsewhere in a bar, and he tells Jerk not to know when to quit.

Makena: Uji's face is addictive and adorable, he is a person in the party who knows he has too much and is incredibly awakened, Bushwick) Room at the House Show Walk across to. "H- Hey," he was saying in the corners of the mouth, do not make eye contact with you. He continues to say, you can not understand what he was saying. The music is too big. Friends are about to leave here. He is mourning his words. He looks sweet, but I also know that at least tonight there will not be anything real in his mouth.

Adi: [19459217] To be honest, I'm not drunk.

You look at him, pointing at your friends, door to shoulder and to the door. This is like the description of Jeoto Ito character in the first stage of distorting his own characteristics as a grotesque yellow flesh-spiral as a metaphor for intergenerational guilt or repressed desire. Okay, maybe I should take a look at Halloween again. 19659009] Natt : Everything is wrong. This is the face we all do when we see Apple's keynote, and eventually we see the price announcement. How much does MacBook Air cost?

Dami: This is the UWU "h-hewwo?" Face. End of story.

In short:

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