Apple 2019 iPhone event: How to watch the iPhone 11 event

During today's great iPhone 11 event, Apple will show us its latest hardware and more. And, as always, you can watch the show live. We hope to learn all about the new iPhone 11, or iPhone Pro, or whatever it is called. An update on the amazing new iOS 13 is also expected, and perhaps another look, or even a release date for, the new Mac Pro.

Whether you're watching on your Mac, your iPhone or iPad or your Apple TV, we will show you how to tune. You can even appear in an Apple store and see it on the big screen!

Note: Cult of Mac will not publish the action blog live: instead, you can follow us on Twitter or join us in our IRC chat room for a party observation.

How to watch Apple's live broadcast of the iPhone 11 event

The fun begins at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. GMT), and you can easily set a reminder (see below) so you don't miss a second.

Cult of Mac will be published in the news as It Happens. We will also delve into all new things immediately.

Join the Cult of Mac watch party

Go to the watch party post for details on how to join.

As we did with the keynote of WWDC 2019, we are organizing a party to watch iPhone events. You can chat with the writers of Cult of Mac on our Kiwi IRC channel as the event unfolds. Simply assign a nickname, click Start, and voila! (Note: the inlay is below, but we also place it in our watch party post).

Look at the keynote of the iPhone 11 in an Apple store

If your local Apple store has a video wall, you can go down in "show time" and see The action on the big screen. It will be like watching a sporting event, only that you will be surrounded by nerds and hipsters instead of athletes.

Stream the Apple 2019 event on Mac, iPhone and iPad

To watch "For innovation only" live media event on your computer, just visit the Apple Special Events page at the appointed time . You can stream the program right there in the Safari browser. And if you visit now, you can click on the link to add a reminder to your calendar.

For the first time, watch live on YouTube

What's new this year is a live YouTube stream. Simply go to the Apple YouTube page for the event and watch. If you are signed in to YouTube, you can have me send you a reminder.

Yes, you can watch the Apple event on a Windows PC

You should also be able to watch the same keynote stream as on Mac, using Edge, Chrome or Firefox. (Or on YouTube, of course.)

Watch the iPhone 11 event on an Apple TV

To watch the big event on your own big screen, you must install the Apple Event app for tvOS. If you are a regular at Apple Events, you probably already have it. If not, install it now and allow time for the essentials, such as making cold / hot drinks.

Augmented reality

Just kidding. There is no AR version … yet . Maybe in the not too distant future, you can project Tim Cook and Co. on your real desk and see how they do business in miniature. Maybe Phil Schiller could even jump from the top of his vase and land safely on the mouse pad.

Receive a Twitter reminder

If you want an additional reminder, Twitter can give you one. Simply "like" this Apple tweet and "you will receive updates from Apple." That means you will receive a Twitter reminder when the program is about to begin.

Catch up later

If you miss the event and want to catch up later, you can go to the same page of the Apple Special Event and view all recent events, ready to be transmitted. Shortly after the event ends, Apple should add today's iPhone 11 event to the file list. And you can read all the excellent coverage after the presentation of Cult of Mac that should keep us running for the whole week, at least.

See you there!

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