Apparently, I attended a Windows 7 party 10 years ago

In 2009 (10 years ago) Microsoft released a new Windows 7 operating system. Less than three years after the release of the previous version of Windows Vista, support for touchscreen computers was added, and new features such as snap windows, the new Superbar, and an updated file management system were added to the PC.

You don't particularly remember the big difference in user experience. I don't think I actually upgraded my family's Windows XP desktop. I also started using a Mac in 2008 when I went to college.

One thing I remember is a Windows 7 party with my friend Matt at his home.

By the time Windows 7 was released, Microsoft developed a unique marketing campaign. In other words, we recommend that you party for a new operating system. The company offered products such as Windows 7 themed napkins, balloons and tote bags along with "party packs" containing copies of the software to promote and promote Windows 7 to close dear customers.

The Microsoft Delegation Party tutorial video above suggests that a host will "throw a party using Windows 7 as an honored guest", and a non-honored guest will use the host computer to snap, Web Slices, or

The party I attended was not very attractive, but it would have been boring as the four adults described the party. We were many teenagers playing at Matt's parents' home, and none of us were old enough to drink.

I don't remember having actually used Windows 7 at the party, and I don't think I'd care. Matt always kept his desktop in the basement. After all, we were all upstairs in his restaurant. Still, I like the tote bag's design and have used it for years.

No other memories for your party You might say it's boring. I asked my friend Tom (may or may not have attended) if I remember attending the party. “I don't think so. Maybe I remember that he threw. perhaps? "

Was this party happening too? While reading about the Mandela effect, Tom texts a link to the original photo album on Matt's Facebook page. Under the box picture of the decoration, Matt's mother said: .. “Looking for a good time but where are the people?”] Here is a picture of the completed 72-piece Windows 7 puzzle.This is what we did. The other picture was attended by my friends John and brother Richard of Danica and Matt. But when I ask everyone in the picture about the party, no one can remember what actually happened.

So I asked my friend Matt to share what they remember about the event he hosted.

How did you hear about the Windows 7 Party Campaign?

From the Tech News podcast at the time This Week Tech Buzz Out Loud or Windows Weekly (if currently running)

What's included in the Party Pack

Licenses for Windows 7 , Some Windows colored balloons and streamers, some small puzzles, some tote bags, napkins, card decks, etc.

Who went to the party

High school friends I was 20 at the time: Andrew, John, Danika, maybe John

Did you play a game on your computer

The incident? I don't think so, their idea was to show you the installation and features of Windows 7, but I can't remember what we did Looks like you've used more than just saying “as is.”

Did you persuade someone to use Windows 7?

I doubt. After all, they will all be customers. At the time, I had a lot of difficulties using Vista, and XP is old.

Did you use Windows 7?

Yes, for years. For many years I have used this license on a self-built desktop and later moved to OS X and used it with VMware for the required Windows applications. It seems to have been discontinued when creating a new desktop at the end of 2016.

Is the party successful?

Are you sure? People came and did Microsoft activities like sharing food and solving puzzles. I think that if you rerun as an adult who ate alcohol or real food and plan a better theme, you can make a better party.

Would you like to throw another OS party?

Later, this seems like an absurd thing for technology companies to do, especially when they license their flagship product. I like it and hope someone can do it again.

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