Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, and Efficient v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] APK Free Download

Apex Launcher lets you create custom, fast and stylish home screen experiences on your Android device. Apex Launcher – Customize, Security and Efficiency v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] Full APK Downloader for Apex Launcher – customizable, secure and efficient v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro].

Overview and features of Apex Launcher – Custom, secure and efficient v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro]

Before downloading Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, Efficiency v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] You can read the function list.

Overview: Apex Launcher allows you to create custom, fast and stylish home screen experiences on your Android device.

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" Apex Launcher feels very fast even after many customizations. "- Pocket Now
" Dear Life
"It's a fantastic app that can transform your phone completely. Lifehacker
The best of Android Runnhers in October 2017 – Devs-Lab
15 Best Android Launchers (2017) – Android Authority
• Custom homescreen and app drawer grid size
• Up to 10 icons per page and up to 5 pages (19459012) • Cool transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
• Hide elements as desired (status bar, dock, etc.)
• Custom icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
• Select different folder preview styles and backgrounds
• Drawer application sorting, installation date, often used)
• Hide apps in Dr (19459012) • Advanced theme engine (icon pack, skin, etc.)
• Convenient home screen action (pinch, swipe up and down, double tap) ] • Backup and restore settings and data
• Optimized for both mobile phones and tablets
• Various other customization options
Apex Launcher Pro
• More gesture options (two-finger gestures)
(19459012) • Additional transitions (19459012) • Enhanced drawer customization (19459012) • 19459012 • Convenient icon gestures (19459012) Tip •
• Advanced Widget Options (Dock Widgets, Duplicate Widgets)
Tip •
• Enhanced Folder Support (Bulk Add and Folder Merge) Drag over another icon to create a folder.
• Customize icons and labels by long-clicking on the icons / folders on your desktop and choosing Edit from the pop-up menu.
• You can create an icon shortcut in other apps (like Chrome) by setting Apex Launcher as the default Home screen app.
This app uses Device Manager privileges for the optional screen off / lock function.
Love Apex Launcher? Please rate it on Google Play. We are always trying to improve the Apex Launcher. What 's New:
– Remove ads from search pages
– Support new feature requests
– Fix incorrect translations for German
. ]

Unavailable Permissions / Disable / Remove Recipients and Services,
Disable Analysis / Crash Tab
1. Apex Launcher And old versions of the Apex Notifier plug-in
2. Install the Apex Launcher and Apex Notifier plug-ins from my package, not from Google Pack.
3. Before starting the full Apex Launcher – Customization, Security and Efficiency v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] 3. Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, Efficiency v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] APK –

Apex Launcher – customizable, secure and efficient v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] APK FREE DOWNLOAD

Can I download so excitedly? Well, click the button below to download Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, Efficiency v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro] Please launch the APK. This is a direct link to Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, Efficient v4.6.3 [Final] [Pro].



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