Anthem’s best bug yet turns level one guns into the strongest weapons in the game

EA's online launcher, Anthem, is forging a reputation for presenting some rather baffling errors, and the latest discovery of the intrepid gaming community may be the best yet. As the Reddit user YeetLordSupreme discovered, the game's level one firearms, the most basic and supposedly weakest weapons in the game, are not only competitive with the best elements of Anthem but in some cases are even better.

Yes, that's right: the best weapons in the game are the ones you start with, regardless of the damage numbers you're seeing on the screen. YeetLordSupreme performed numerous tests to track the number of bullets required for the best enemies in the highest levels of the final game part of Anthem using the level one weapon and level 45 of master objects, supposedly the better available. In some cases, he discovered that level one weapons would bring down enemies faster than level 45 weapons.

The problem is a known error; Brenon Holmes, technical design director of BioWare, and Andrew Johnson, leader of the gaming community, confirmed this in a Reddit thread. Here is Johnson's official statement:

Hello everyone, thanks for the comments on this. I confirmed with the team that this is, in fact, an error related specifically to the predetermined elements in an equipment in combination with higher level equipment that has been equipped. It is not working as planned and the team is working on it for a next solution.

Earlier, Holmes suggested that the level-escalation system designed to allow lower-level players in Anthem to play alongside their higher-level friends could be to blame. It is not clear if that is the case, since Johnson's statement seems to suggest that it is narrower than that; restricted specifically to when you are using basic weapons with a much more advanced and level armed. But there is a possibility that the scaling system is involved, adding a damage multiplier to level one weapons that was never designed to be combined with a later configuration of the game.

Either way, Reddit's thread is full of speculation about the "true" meaning of damage numbers in the game, and skepticism about other tricks that developers can use to signal levels of power and others attributes in role play titles like these.

Many participants seem to think that BioWare is simply lying about how powerful a player or weapon is, and instead is adjusting everything in Anthem using an inscrutable, behind-the-scenes algorithm. It's good to know that's not the case, but you may want to go to the farm some level one weapons or take some of your trust vault before BioWare corrects the error.

After all, they are the strongest weapons the game has to offer at this time.

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