Anker is making USB-C to Lightning cables

CES has seen the company’s first third-party USB-C to Lightning cable cover, such as Griffin and Belkin, and now Anker, a popular supplier of ion stimulating devices, I see that you are participating. The company claims that Powerline + cables “have a flex life of five times higher than any other cable on the market” via 9to5Mac (19459004), but Powerline + is an aluminum shell and braided nylon.

Anker also releases USB-C with a female Lightning cable designed primarily as an audio adapter that enables Lightning headphones with USB-C devices such as the new iPad Pro or recent Apple laptops. The USB-C to Lightning cable will be available in March from $ 20.99, and the audio adapter will be released next month with TBC pricing.

anker is making usb c to lightning cables


The USB-C to Lightning cable allows fast charging of recent iPhones paired with USB-C. PD compatible chargers are products like Apple’s new 18W power adapter or Anker’s small Atom PD 1. Apple released its first USB-C to Lightning cable in early 2016 to enable fast charging on the iPad Pro. However, we have never approved a third-party version, and after three years iPad Pro does not have a lightning port, so the original default use case no longer applies. On the other hand, these cables can now be used to charge iPhone in iPad Pro.

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