Android Q’s second beta embraces foldable phones, multitasking Bubbles

Google released its second version of Android Q developers today for all Pixel phones. They are mostly adjustments under the hood, but the update also helps applications and games are ready for the first wave of folding phones, and brings Bubbles, the new version of Google on multitasking that looks like the Chat Heads of Facebook Messenger, which could change the appearance and functioning of Android depending on how it was implemented.


See the animated GIF immediately above? That's the new Android Q folding screen emulator for developers (and us) to see what today's apps and games look like on real collapsible phones. Speaking of real collapsible elements, the emulator seems to point to two rather familiar hardware configurations in particular: a 7.3-inch screen that folds to 4.6 inches and an 8-inch screen that folds to 6.6 inches. Those dimensions of the screen match the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

android qs second beta embraces foldable phones multitasking bubbles

Here is a look at Bubbles in the second beta of Android Q

Meanwhile, Bubbles could end up being a pretty change Divider for Android Q, depending on how it develops, is a twist on multitasking that allows individual applications to leave some floating bubbles on whatever else you're doing on the screen. The idea is that when you receive a notification in, say, Messages, a bubble will warn you and a keyboard will appear so you can write an answer, but it will not completely obstruct the application you are using below. that.

If that sounds familiar to you, it's probably because many individual Android apps already do the same, mainly to Facebook Messenger with their chat heads, but Bubbles is not limited to messages. Google says that Bubbles can offer users "a convenient view of ongoing tasks and updates, such as phone calls or arrival times." They can provide quick access to the portable user interface, such as notes or translations, and also they can be visual reminders of tasks. "This could end up being a better solution for some than running applications in split-screen mode, but for others, it can be annoying … Google has already been experimenting with Bubbles in their phone application, but this could expand the idea.

The beta version of Android Q has already made sharing things on social networks and with their contacts faster and more intuitive, and now the sharing sheet The interface can show a quick preview of what you are sending before sharing, which may prevent you from sharing an embarrassing picture with your family. e small in the quality of life, but it is a blessing for those who share many things.

We expect Google to launch at least a beta version of Android Q before Google's I / O starts in May. 7th But do not expect much in the way of the buzzworthy features yet; Google tends to save the most impressive ads for the scenario. If you want to download the beta version, here's how to do it.

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