Android Q may change the back button to a gesture

The Back button on Android is completely gone and you can quickly swipe left from the Home button. The XDA developer dug up the initial set of code leaked in the next version of Android, code-name Q. And the latest discovery from the invasion was again the potential destruction of the button. Swipe the app to the right to change the animation.

How gestures and buttons work on the Android 9 pie (at least if you're lucky, if you're lucky, you can own a running phone if you're lucky). Google's Pixel has a home "pill" and a Back button appears only when needed. To multitask, swipe up. Other phones running Android 9 have a more traditional 3-button layout, but others teach custom actions to get rid of the navigation bar.

The gestures are somewhat similar to recent iPhones. Slide it from the left side of the screen. Basically, we all have to learn where to use the new phone with the future. I hope that good things will happen if you slide your thumbs. XDA showed a gesture system Google is experimenting with on Android Q.

As anyone can predict, this is a bit of a mess. The fact that other phones have different ways of doing things at the heart of the phone, such as "going home" or "going back" can be a problem.

If we were completely honest, we found that this new gesture system XDA was implemented as is. As you can see in the video above, it seems that Google has not really thought about switching between recent apps that use gesture areas. Even if Google implements Pixel, there is no guarantee that the rest of the Android ecosystem (the vast majority of mobile phones in the vast majority) will follow.

Let's talk about the gesture area. An image of this post. Palm Pre is a dead phone that never had a chance. This entire "home button" is a small white dot or glowing line on the screen, even if you swipe across the "Home Swipe Left" and "Swipe across the gesture area" With Pre. I am recording against the rose-colored webOS fragrance, but sometimes there are too many similarities.

Copy all over Google rather than avoid all this confusion. It will be fine. Damn, that's what the iPhone X did.

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