An Ohio teenager helped school Congress on fighting anti-vax misinformation

Edan Lindenberger, from Ohio, attended the Congress in an effort to promote vaccine education and public relations activities, in the context of his parents' vaccination beliefs. Lindenberger was one of five who testified at the Senate Committee hearing at the Senate Committee hearing, "Vaccination: What are the factors preventing preventable disease outbreaks?" Experts say that it's complicated – but it's often centered on communication gaps between medical institutions and parents

Lindenberger grows without vaccination against diseases like measles and polio, And began questioning his mother's claim that it caused brain damage. Last year I started catching up alone. "My mother said she would seek a vaccination group through the Internet and social media to seek evidence and defense through health care and reliable sources."

This is a nationally representative, public health emergency in Clark County, Congressional hearing on the second recent vaccine with a measles recurrence in the atmosphere of the Senate committee on health, education, labor and pensions, unlike last week's House of Representatives hearing, Almost all the committee members had a more rigorous legal obligation to vaccine Although Paul Rand Paul, a Republican senator, said law enforcement "is not consistent with the freedom that the legal forces pursued when the country came to the United States" (Paul personally supports the vaccination 19659005] However, both witnesses and Senators shared a cold alert for illnesses that prevented vaccination and the risk of social "herd immunity" to protect those who could not get immunized for health reasons. Saad Omer, an epidemiologist at the university, said, "Vaccines are a victim of their own success. Because the vaccine reduces the incidence of illness, the parents have a fearful story of a" real or perceived "case of an inaccurate vaccination. And may be less for actual illnesses, so when considering vaccination, "mental calculus changes

Problems can be compounded by the gap between healthcare providers and the people they provide. After last week's hearing, Masha Gessen, author of New Yorker "Some doctors have historically ignored the real interest of women and non-white patients. It is becoming increasingly difficult to build trust in issues such as immunization.

Today's Senate hearing explained how to better express the issue and connect it better. "Wonderful models really have culturally diverse employees," said Washington State Secretary John Wiesman, who appeared in community and symposiums. "We need to get employees to reflect the face of the community. It is a challenge for us. "This can help prevent anti-vaccine activists already building community connections of this kind to visit organizations such as Somalia immigrants. Minnesota Minnesota Minneapolis The Community

There is an increasing number of online platforms that can handle the inaccurate information about the vast majority of vaccines – Adam Schiff, the US attorney recently sent a letter to Amazon, Google and Facebook asking why they still hosted it. At the hearing, witnesses spent more time on how to create a local support network for online obsessions, such as vaccinated parents raising questions at the Parent-Teachers' Association meeting.

Lindenberger ) Advises on vaccination I found Reddit to receive it, but even social media discussions have helped me. "[My mom] There will be a backlash when sharing information. So they shared videos on Facebook and they were & # 39; wrong. That's a lie. "So, like people who do not fit with my mother, they provoked curiosity." He admits that someone is not necessarily controversial in fear of being vaccinated. But "handling the wrong information properly can make a difference, just as it did for me."

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