An exclusive look at Intel’s wild gaming laptop prototype

If I'm honest, the phrase "Honeycomb Glacier" makes me think of an ice cream dessert with a crunchy treat produced by bees on top, not a PC concept for games.

But standing in a semi-secret lab inside the Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, I can not help thinking that it is the most convincing argument that has been created for a robust two-screen laptop.

You may know that chip makers like Intel do not only produce processors; They spend a lot of money creating new markets for those chips by discovering what people want on their next computer and working with PC. Manufacturers will make these new features a reality. Sometimes, they build complete sample PCs for the industry, as we saw first-hand when Intel's dual-screen Tiger Rapids prototype became the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 last year.

By 2019, Intel is building something a little more robust than that small laptop. of a PC. Intel's Honeycomb Glacier is an attempt to bring two screens to the game's audience: a 15.6-inch primary panel with 1080p resolution and a 12.3-inch secondary screen with 1920 x 720, so that it complements, rather than distracts, their games.