An at-home DNA testing company is helping the FBI solve violent crimes

FamilyTree DNA, a home DNA test, is working with the FBI to help resolve violent crime. This policy seems to go beyond the privacy rules that other leading DNA testing companies have come up with.

BuzzFeed News first reported on the FamilyTreeDNA policy. The company said it cooperated with agencies in less than 10 cases.

Through a statement, the Institute conducting DNA testing, including FamilyTree DNA, accepts DNA samples and suspects and human artifacts. The institute is also owned by Bennett Greenspan, Chairman of FamilyTree DNA.

The lab has been working with the FBI to create a "data profile" from a sample of law enforcement evidence. The public official can then upload the sample to a database containing FamilyTree DNA and search for possible matches.

The FBI does not have a free status on genetic databases, the company said. "If a law enforcement agency created an account with the same level of database access as a standard FamilyTree DNA user, it would not violate user privacy and confidentiality." Legal information is required to obtain further information.

DNA testing has helped law enforcement for some celebrities, including tracking suspected Golden State killers through a publicly accessible gene database. Private DNA testing companies, however, can generally express concerns from privacy advocates by refusing to enforce law and voluntarily sponsoring public officials.

"If we can help prevent violence, save lives and close our families, Greenspan said in a statement:" We have been constantly trying to protect our most important customers' This will be done within the framework as "

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