Amazon’s Echo and Alexa devices come to Spain and Italy

Amazon is bringing Alexa and Echo devices to Spain and Italy, and within a few months of announcing support for Spanish and Italian for digital voice support. Now you can pre-order devices such as Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Sub in Italy and Spain. The company said they start shipping next week.

Alex, like any other international market, is likely to have to wait until Alexa supports the language in that country. In addition to language support, Echo devices in Italy and Spain are receiving cultural updates to better reflect their country of residence. For example, by partnering with a local brand, Amazon is now able to propose local news stories with an Echo device. 19659003] The expansion of Amazon into the international sea was achieved.

Amazon has been making its way into other countries and has rarely expanded. For example, France has a device this summer. It can be a slow pacing because it only takes time for a voice pilot to teach a new language. At this time, Alexa speaks and understands English, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese. Most of that growth was in English-speaking countries.

In a competition to learn more languages, Apple's Siri supports 20 languages, the Google Assistant speaks 16, and Microsoft's Cortana speaks 7. Google claims it can support more than 30 languages ​​by the end of the year.

On the other hand, most of the companies like Baidu and Xiaomi can speak and interpret mandarin Chinese and can not use other dialects of China, so it is important to emphasize how difficult it is to train artificial intelligence in various complex languages, There is.

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