Amazon will stop taking orders from Dash buttons at the end of August

Amazon discontinued the on-demand physical dash button earlier this year, and online retailers are now completely blocking the program to stop ordering all dash buttons starting on August 31 CNET .

When Amazon stopped selling Dash for the first time in February, it was a little surprising that the company promised to continue to support it as long as the customer still exists. I used them. But Amazon spokesman CNET says use is "much slower," and says it will result in an impending end at the end of the month. But it is a strange move to fundamentally remove the way to buy things on Amazon. Amazon wants to make it easier theoretically than Amazon to work hard.

The dash button was first launched in 2015 to make Amazon's ordering products smoother. The idea was that consumers could order one of the $ 5 buttons for a particular product that could be a laundry detergent, a paper towel, a garbage bag or a dolitose, and put it in a house ready to be ordered anytime when needed.

Since then Amazon has changed its strategy and preferred to order products through Alexa Smart assistant. Alexa Smart assistant has replaced custom Dash buttons in many ways with a much more universal solution to the same "ordering" problem right now that the physical buttons intended.

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