Amazon will soon let you pick which day your package arrives

Amazon has launched a new shipping option for prime members of the US ahead of the Christmas gift season. The invitation-only program is strangely called Amazon Day, as it is not mistaken for Amazon's daily Prime Day shopping event, as can be seen in CNET .

Amazon Day allows you to set the preferred days of the week for all shipments. Amazon plans to add more users in the next few months, but so far, only a small group of users have opened the program by invitation. You can see if you've been invited through the Amazon homepage and see your payment options. "Amazon is always looking for new ways to innovate, to amaze and delight our customers," We are delighted to test new services for a more convenient delivery experience. " The Verge

For example, if you work at home on Fridays, you can set all packages ordered on weekdays to arrive on Friday (at least two or more days before your order). If you are participating in the program, you should see the option to check out and choose the shipping option.

If you join the Amazon Day program, you can continue to use other options such as 2 days free shipping. Saturdays can also be set to a specified delivery date if weekend delivery is available in your area.

Most Amazon Day options are available for products that have already been delivered in prime 2 day shipping. The way users can reduce excess packaging is because the order is delivered in a box, not one bag and box per box. You can also simplify your order to make it easier to supplement certain products, such as paper towels and other household items.

At the same time Amazon's profits can benefit from reduced packaging and multiple shipment. Amazon reported about $ 2 billion in high processing costs this quarter, some of which are packaging costs. If the company keeps the number of orders and reduces that number, it can significantly improve retail sales margins, which is always a small spike in net sales.

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