Amazon wants to 3D-scan volunteers’ bodies for a $25 gift card

Amazon scanned volunteers, taped, photographed and invited to collect data on body type. As discovered by Mashable the company is conducting research to "learn about body diversity", offering a $ 25 gift card for a 30-minute appointment in New York. Participants agree to a 3D scan (including photo and video) of their body in response to the survey.

This study originally started with Amazon Body Labs. Body Labs has created a detailed 3D body model for shopping and games. Mashable grew up in an attempt to identify criminals with computer vision technology. And Amazon has collected this kind of body data before. The Wall Street Journal reported a long-term study of 2018 that required Amazon to scan participant multiple times during a 20-week period to measure changes in body shape over time.

Amazon is asking for much less effort in a short period of time. I have participants in one of the two New York City locations by June 30th. The company has promised to use the data "exclusively for internal product research, not for marketing purposes." It also promises to provide clothing in a form that can be worn by volunteers. Bikini also favors women. Shorts, and sports bra.

Amazon will be interested in applying body scan technology to products such as Amazon Echo Look, a "style assistant" camera that does not specify the exact type of study, but takes pictures and analyzes them. Please provide fashion advice. For example, through physical examination at home, people can actually wear clothes. Online retailers have been making perfect attempts for years.

Amazon's collection of detailed data on consumer data is a horrible, but fairly limited study at this time. If Amazon wants to use 3D scanning in commercial technology, it is very important to gather information about various body forms. It is much better than relying on a limited set of data that can be biased by race or gender. And elsewhere there is a more volatile and more invasive volunteer research organization. However, nods briefly on how privacy regulations can change Amazon's behavior. If you are from Illinois, known for its strong biometric privacy, you do not need a physical exam (or gift card). you.

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