Amazon told employees it would continue to sell facial recognition software to law enforcement

Amazon has lighted the licensing of controversial recognition systems, a powerful part of facial recognition software, to government and law enforcement agencies. The latest developments include a revelation that Amazon has met with USCIS (ICE) signed a contract for the use of Rekognition during the summer. Amazon employees are now exaggerating the company's leadership in selling such technology. Especially if you can track people and return them to a dangerous environment overseas.

Andrew Jassy, ​​chief executive of Amazon Web Services, told employees at an All-hands meeting today: "We are very pleased with Amazon Rekognition's value to provide law enforcement agencies with all sizes and all kinds of industries and to provide them with value for the customer." The Verge ] BuzzFeed first reported on Jassy's opinion this afternoon, according to an Amazon employee who spoke with and gave a copy of the conversation.

Amazon can not immediately mention.

Amazon's cloud computing division, AWS, is responsible for strengthening the awareness that is currently being used by the police departments in Florida and Oregon. Jassy listened to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and specifically answered questions about potential government contracts and Rekognition with institutions such as ICE. "I do not want to get rid of that technology," Jassy said, pointing out that violations of AWS's terms of service or constitutional rights would force Amazon to ban its use of the service. However, he argued, "It is the role of the government to clarify whether the government should be responsible for the regulation of the technology."

Amazon's involvement in regognition and government contracts is a proof of system. There is a deep flaw in accuracy and intrinsic racial prejudice. The American Civil Liberties Union tested Rekognition in the summer and found that the system misjudged 28 Congress members into 25,000 databases. The company also refused to participate in a comprehensive study of algorithm biases implemented by the National Standards and Technology Institute to determine when racial and gender biases could affect the error rate of face recognition algorithms.

Amazon is not the only technology giant that is under pressure from its employees on how the US government sells and uses its products. The Google leadership faced tremendous opposition this year, participating in the Pentagon unmanned aerial vehicle project known as Project Maven, which will not renew its contracts next year, and will provide a series of ethical guidelines on use of artificial intelligence and product development. Announced. Google is burning its plans to launch news and search products aimed at the Chinese market in line with government censorship policies.

A full copy of the exchange from all hands meetings is as follows.

Q: What do you do in response to concerns raised by Amazon employees and civil rights organizations regarding the sale of face recognition technology in Amazon? Government and Police Organization, including ICE

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Good. Andy, do you want one of those?

AWS CEO Andrew Jassy: Thank you for reading AWS's in-depth learning image recognition, face recognition, video recognition services, and Amazon Rekognition. With over half a million employees as we are in Amazon, we think we will have people with very broad opinions. But Amazon awareness is really strong about law enforcement and law enforcement at all sizes and the value it provides to customers in all types of industries.

It can be seen in the value people actually get. One year and a half, one and a half years actively use awareness to stop trafficking, reunite missing children with educational applications with parents, prevent theft And for multi-factor authentication.

Amazon Rekognition has gained a lot of value. Now, of course, you need to ensure that you are using responsibly with all sorts of technologies. This is true of new and existing technologies. All the evils you can do with your computer or server have been thought of and done. If you do not know how people use computers, the world will change.

I want to get rid of the technology. I want people to use technology responsibly and provide a set of terms and services to AWS. Also, you will not be able to use the service anymore unless you violate the Terms of Service and use it responsibly through all services, including perception. In fact, if we discover that the people are violating constitutional rights, the services will not be available. I also think that in democracy it is often the responsibility of the government to specify what the rules of technology regulation are. And if that happens, we will obey them. Thank you.

11/8, 7:16 pm ET Updated: Added information about investigating flaws in Amazon-aware systems.

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