Amazon to open up second 4-star store in Colorado

Amazon's four-star shop was not a one-off shot. The ecommerce tycoon will continue to open a store dedicated to the most popular online products, just like Manhattan's current online products, but this time in Colorado. It will be located in the Midwest several miles from Denver on Lone Tree, Colorado on Thursday. The company plans to open its first West Coast store in Berkeley, California, in the coming months.

As the name implies, a four star store sells at least four star online products. You can buy all kinds of products online, such as technology, children's toys, cookware, etc. by default. Special offers also apply to Prime members in real locations. The tag of the product varies according to member and non-member.

This four-star shop is one of the diversity of brick and mortar locations the company has renovated over the last few years. There are many real bookstores in Amazon, and more recently in San Francisco, there is an increasing number of Go convenience stores that have no openers.

Of course Amazon also owns Whole Foods. The company's steady online store expansion is evidence of how well it compete with stores like Walmart, Target and Walgreens. Amazon's new competitors are now responding with technology brick and mortar stores. Sam 's Club, owned by Wal – Mart, announced this week that it had an Amazon high – ranking contender in Texas.

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