Amazon still hasn’t fully given up on its mall kiosks

Amazon can not decide whether you want a mini store inside the mall. After the company decided to close many kiosks that it had maintained at the mall earlier this year, several new kiosks were created. Business Insider says that Amazon's remodeling mall was "provided by Amazon".

Unlike previous shopping mall kiosks that were Amazon Echo, Kindle e-reader, Fire TV and other showcase, this new approach to hardware, the first of its kind, offers "the choice of top brand themes that Amazon frequently updates and releases" . As with Amazon's four-star retail stores, Amazon's products are regularly rotated and are not limited to Amazon products.

amazon still hasnt fully given up on its mall kiosks

Image: Amazon

There are currently 4 announcements by location in Amazon. There are two in California, one in Illinois and one in Nevada. As of March, Amazon is operating a kiosk with 87 keys and announced that it will shut down all. "After much review, we decided to discontinue the pop-up kiosk program, instead expanding Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star to provide a more comprehensive customer experience and a wider choice," said a spokesperson. Verge. At that time.

But Amazon thinks it is still a worthwhile effort to put yourself in the mall. The website of this retailer shows that it is available outdoors in the Amazon space, but others are very traditional kiosks like Century City malls.

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In addition to the 4-star, Amazon continues to keep its new location in the Amazon. Visit the store most recently in New York City. Last month, the company announced that it would be accepting cash at its Go fully automated and cashless store.

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