Amazon sent 1,700 Alexa voice recordings to the wrong user following data request

Amazon's Alexa is one of the most common personal voice assistants on Earth and lives in the living rooms and bedrooms of millions of Alexa device owners around the world. This allows Alex to be the appropriate steward of the data that Alexa collects as he asks questions or conducts conversations with the software.

Unfortunately, when Amazon accidentally sent 1700 Alexa voice recordings to another person by mistake, the German magazine highlighted the potential pitfalls associated with using those products. c & # 39; t .

After the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR passes, EU residents may require the company to collect all data collected through hardware products such as Internet services and Alexa-equipped Echo Smart Speakers. A German user called "Martin Schneider" was doing it in August this year. But he came back from Amazon with thousands of Alexa voice recordings, and he was strange because he did not own the Alexa device.

After listening to the file, Schneider confirmed that it was a recording from another Alexa user. After failing to contact Amazon on this matter, he took the file to . Reporters were able to collect who Alexa users were. The file included commands to control Spotify, a person's thermostat, and an alarm. There was also a record that Alexa users own Fire TV and have spouses living at home.

"Using this file I was able to easily identify people and their companions – weather queries, names, and even the gender of other people were quickly zeroed in their circles." Public data on Facebook and Twitter c

The victims of this case were also found to have submitted data requests under the new GDPR rules. "This was an unfortunate example of human error and isolated events. We solved the problems of the two related customers and took steps to improve the process. " The Verge .

Like other technology companies, Amazon uses Alexa voice recordings to personalize features and improve the overall quality of natural language processing techniques and other artificial intelligence . -assisted ability. Although we do not store much of the actual data on the device itself, because it is stored in the cloud, Amazon certainly provides this information to EU citizens under the GDPR. (The Echo device also found a way to domestic violence and even murder trials in the past, as it provided this data to the law enforcement authorities with proper warranties.)

Despite the vast amount of personal data the customer has And Amazon has complained about similar privacy in the past. The echo device accidentally recorded a full conversation between a Portland woman and her husband in May and then sent a conversation to her husband's colleague.

Apparently Alexa started a series of commands to record a conversation as a voice message and then send it to a random contact. The two were completely unaware, but at that time, Amazon called the situation "unlikely" with the rarity of evaluating options that would allow this series of commands to run continuously without informing the user. So it is not exactly. We can rest assured that a microphone that we placed comfortably in the bedroom and bathroom can accidentally send information to others or that any stranger in the case of Schneider can receive information via mail by e-mail.

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