Amazon reportedly scraps internal AI recruiting tool that was biased against women

The prejudice of machine learning can also be a problem for many experienced companies like Amazon. According to a report by Reuters the e-commerce tycoon had to dismiss an internal project that would use AI to investigate job applications after the software was constantly downgrading women candidates.

The AI ​​system makes decisions by viewing historical data and persists existing prejudices. In this case, the prejudice was the male dominant working environment in the technology world. According to Reuters Amazon's program punished volunteers at all female colleges and resumes with the word "women" (which may appear in the phrase "female chess club") .

The project's team tried to speed up the hiring process. "They literally wanted it to be an engine that would give you 100 resumes, it would spit out 5th place, and we'll hire them," said an anonymous source familiar with the task: Reuters . The company has adjusted to eliminate this bias when it realizes that the software does not produce gender neutral results. However, stakeholders were not sure if there were other prejudices that were not parasitic to the program, and as a result, it was completely abolished last year.

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