Amazon Prime Day 2019: UK deals live now ahead of the 48-hour event

Amazon Prime Day is held once a year and offers exclusive discounts to Amazon Prime members worldwide. And this year will be the biggest event so far and will begin in two days.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 will take place from July 15 to 16. That's right, we'll get an epic sale of 48 hours this year, a significant improvement from the 36 hours of last year. So get ready for a lot of Prime Day deals, some of which have already started.

If you are not yet a member of Prime, this is the best time of the year to order it, since Amazon has just won £ 20 of the annual fee. Check out the full details of this limited time offer.

Since summer can be a bit dry for offers, unless you want at least garden items, Prime Day is a fantastic opportunity for technology fans to get discounts on their wish list offers. and enjoy them sooner rather than later. After all, Black Friday is far away and, sometimes, the Prime Day offers are even better.

You're in the right place to learn everything you need to know about the Amazon Prime Day 2019. We'll tell you what offers to expect, what were the best deals last time and even what brilliant offers you can take advantage of. at this time since there are some initial agreements of Amazon Prime Day that are already appearing. And if you want to participate, we will tell you how to register to be a member of Amazon Prime for free.

What is Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a summer sales event on Amazon websites around the world where Amazon Prime members get exclusive discounts on a wide range of items. Nor are they just the Amazon brand products (although they are among the best deals), many other manufacturers and external retailers also save their best deals for Prime Day, knowing that millions of additional buyers will be visiting the online store. .

Why does Amazon have Prime Day? Sure, it's a good "thank you" to all the paying members. A thank you that means giving Amazon more money. It is a smart model to be honest. You must register for a free trial or be an existing Amazon Prime member and the people who maintain the service pay Amazon a monthly or annual fee, which gives Amazon a regular source of income.

And it's not a coincidence The best deals are found in Amazon articles. Buy a Kindle and you will continue to buy Amazon e-books. Buy a Fire TV Stick that will see Prime Video (a great membership benefit) and maybe pay for the odd rent. Buy an Echo smart speaker and you'll be in the Alexa family and helping Amazon fight the competition of your rival Google home devices.

How should I prepare for the Amazon Prime Day?

Want to enjoy the best Prime Day deals? Then you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. If you have not been a member before, our best advice is to register for a free 30-day trial. Since Prime Day is happening from July 15 to July 16, that free trial version will last until the sale.

You can cancel it entirely at any time before the end of the 30 days without charge if you do not care about the other advantages of the membership, such as free access to a lot of TV shows and movie content on Prime Video, Kindle books free magazines, member-only discounts and super-fast delivery options.

We also advise you to make a reasonable budget aside and do your research on what kind of items you want to monitor. If you have been thinking about acquiring an Amazon product, a TV, a set of headphones, bluetooth speakers, a robot vacuum cleaner or any kind of technology really, holding on to a Prime Day agreement is a solid cry since we see great offers on these articles every year. We really are not that far now too.

We have rounded up a list of our favorite Amazon Prime membership benefits. Take a look if you want to learn a little more about what is offered to Prime members throughout the year.

  Amazon delivery

What offers are there at the moment?

Just because those offers on the Prime Day are a while out However, we are not waiting to offer you the best discounts. We have already been able to extract some cookies, this is what we do here every day, after all. So here is a selection of the best deals we've seen on Amazon today. Stay tuned, as we will continue updating this page with the best discounts until the big day of Prime.

Amazon even offered us an early offer of Prime members to get us going when the Prime Day dates are officially announced. The original Echo Show has dropped to £ 79.99 from £ 179.99. It is for a model restored however. That's … it's not a great start to be honest, Amazon. We believe it is better to wait for a Prime Day offer in the new second generation eco program or perhaps the smallest eco program 5, which we can see by obtaining a tasty discount on the sale.

However, we have taken a look at Amazon, which of course has some super competitive offers throughout the year if you know where to look. These are our favorite Pre-Prime Day offers that you can buy now.

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(Image credit: Google)

Google Home | £ 129 £ 89 £ 59 in John Lewis
Would you like to be a rogue and join the smart speaker team at Google? Okay, it's the smarter of the two to be honest. And if you pick it up from John Lewis, you get a two-year warranty at no additional charge. At the launch, this cost £ 129, so this is the best offer so far. Amazon does not sell products from Google Home, so do not expect to see anything better on Prime Day.
See offer

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(Image Credit: Google)

Google Home Mini £ 49 £ 24 at Currys
Another offer you will not find on the Amazon site and this is the lowest price you probably see (£ 29 is the usual retail price in most stores) in the small but powerful smart speaker. It's surprisingly noisy for the music, but we would use the one above if that is the main use you would have for an intelligent speaker, since it is louder, clearer and not much more expensive.
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(Image credit: Amazon)

Kindle FREE 3 months FREE on Amazon
This is considered better like the Netflix of the books, and you get a whole. A lot of magazines and audiobooks too. This is a great update to the standard 30-day free trial version. You will need a Prime member to get this offer, would you like a free trial? Three months is enough time to exercise if you want to maintain the service and pay £ 7.99 a month to keep it running. If you're only reading one or two a month, it might be better to buy individual titles. Use this offer to discover what is going to work for you. See offer

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Kindle Oasis (2017) | £ 229.99 £ 199.99 on Amazon
An Oasis for less than £ 200 is very tempting, but unless you go on vacation before Prime Day, it might be worth waiting for, especially if Amazon reduces it. at an even cheaper price of € 179.99 last year on the big day. Amazon will be willing to change the remaining stock as an updated version has just been released. See offer

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(Image credit: TP)

2 smart plugs TP-Link | £ 54.99 £ 29.98 on Amazon
These were great sellers last year and this is a fantastic price for a double package. Compatibly with the intelligent speakers enabled for Alexa and Google Assistant. Basically, you can activate / deactivate any device connected with the application or your voice. Slow cookers, lamps and coffee machines are excellent combinations for these ingenious devices.
See offer

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(Image credit: Philips / Google) [19659023] Kit Philips Hue | Google Home Mini | £ 90 £ 69.99 in Currys
If you buy just one of these Hue bulbs elsewhere, it can cost you around £ 45, so yes, this is a great deal. The package comes with everything you need to get started with intelligent voice activated lighting in your home. The bulbs will turn the color you want and you can even use the application to remix them as you wish. Putting a smart Google Home Mini speaker with them also makes a lot of sense. This is for the version of the screw bulb. But the same offer is also available with bayonet bulbs.
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Hisense H65A6200UK 65 inch 4K HDR TV | £ 579 on Amazon
Hisense is another strong contender for your money this week if you're looking for a great TV offer. This really is an incredible value for a 4K TV offer of this size. It also continues to get a 60Hz HDR panel instead of the non-HDR 50Hz that we sometimes see at the cheaper end of the scale.
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Lenovo V110 15.6 inch Laptop | £ 317.99 on Amazon
This is a fantastic price for a full-sized laptop with 8 GB of RAM, which allows you to multitask at once with a lot of tabs, applications and programs that run at the same time . This is a great price for a laptop loaded with a 256GB SSD as well. If you are going to spend a lot of time on a desk working with a laptop, this is a solid performance.
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When is the Amazon Prime Day 2019?

The Amazon Prime Day is July 15 and July 16, which makes the name an inappropriate name. However, no one complains about having a total of 48 hours to save money.

Amazon has steadily increased the year of Prime Day sales year after year: it was 24 hours the first year, then 30 hours, and last year it was 36 hours. We now have a total of 48 hours, starting on July 15 of the next month.

And let's face it with the Amazon Black Friday offers event that lasts about a week, anything is possible. Apparently, if you are a bid editor, sleep.

We will be at the front and center of everything to make sure you can see the best deals while browsing the messy range of offers and discounts that can be a bit strenuous directly at Sitio de amazon Fortunately, we are used to looking for offers there every day and, generally, we know the best deals in advance, which gives us enough time to prepare the coverage for you.

  Image credit: Amazon

Which were the best? Did you sell Prime Day items last year?

The sales event of the summer online giant was the largest sales day in its history last year, with more than 89 million registered visits (10% more than in 2017). We can only see 2019 being even bigger.

Amazon sold more than 100 million products worldwide and more than one million smart home devices, not only Amazon, but Philips Philips, Hive thermostats and smart plugs from various manufacturers. Prime Day was the biggest day for Echo devices, Fire tablets for kids, Kindle e-readers and Fire TV products.

Amazon said the two best sellers worldwide were the TV Fire bar with Alexa Voice Remote and Echo Dot. Both of these items have been replaced by newer versions since then, fortunately without a dip in the RRP. Therefore, we hope that the new Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) and the Fire TV Stick with the new Alexa voice remote control (now has additional buttons for volume control and games) get discounts similar to the best prices of the year . [19659002] Other best-sellers included:

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What were the best Prime Day deals the last time?

As always, some of the best Prime Day deals were made on Amazon's own devices, some of which have been discontinued and replaced by new and improved models. The ever popular Echo speakers were big hits with the following price drops:

Kindles and Fire Sticks and the tablets also received delicious discounts. However, the biggest surprise was the Kindle Oasis, which had never been discounted before, down from £ 50 and Paperwhite got its lowest price so far. It simply shows that Prime Day deals on Amazon devices are the best time to buy. Amazon has dropped £ 30 since the slightly newer version arrived, but there is room for further price cuts on Prime Day.

The Fire TV Stick dropped to its lowest price, while the already cheap Fire Tablets fell significantly with the Fire 7 is reduced to only £ 29.99. So yes, these are the offers that you have to be careful with this year.

There were also some cracking agreements on TVs, some of which are now even cheaper, since the television offerings in general are very competitive here in the UK. We saw that 55-inch Ambilight OLED screens went from £ 1499 to £ 1199 (or only £ 999 today!). At the other end of the scale, a 55-inch Hisense went down to just £ 369, a historic low at that time.

The mobile phone deals on Amazon Prime Day do not make too many headlines, but if they were willing to pay the initial cost of a phone instead of going for a contract, there were certainly offers last year. The then one-year Samsung Galaxy S8 dropped to £ 439. The Honor View 10 was only £ 338.99. And the already very affordable Moto G6 Play was reduced to £ 135.99. Therefore, it is not the most modern or premium phone selection, but do not bet against a wider range this year, as more and more brands are interested in participating

Here in the UK we saw many other offers in multiple products. The biggest discounts were in coffee machines: many of them obtained price cuts of 50%. Smart Hive thermostats had a 44% discount, selected home security kits had a 45% discount and everything in the Amazon Warehouse section had a 20% discount. Chromebook fans could get the excellent but terribly called Asus C202SA-GJ0027 for £ 99.99 instead of the usual £ 199.99.

  prime day optimus day deals ebuyer

(Image credit: ebuyer)

Share on Amazon Prime Day?

We have seen other stores in the UK try and take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day fever when organizing their own deals. But in all honesty, they have regularly disappointed.

However, if retailers sell the same item that is getting a big deal on Amazon, they expect to see a lot of price equalization. This can be especially useful if you have a store-specific gift card that burns a hole in your pocket. Throughout the year, retailers match the Amazon price on items like Fire sticks and Echo Speaker, and some are even 99p cheaper to get an advantage.

John Lewis is worth it, since the store generally offers a minimum warranty of two years on all electrical devices, while most rivals stay with the standard for one year. Currys, Argos and also hope to attract buyers to their sites.

We hope the ebuyer IT and electricity specialists will release their Optimus Day again to their rival Prime, which was a bit of humor for the Transformers for us the last time. . Will Argos seek agreements with Megatron?

We also hope to see the rivals of Amazon's own devices for sale. In particular, expect to see multiple discounts on Google Home offers to match Echo's equivalent products. We see that this type of price equalization occurs a lot even during basic sales during the year. You can probably get the best prices so far in Google's intelligent speakers.

  amazon delivery

What could Amazon have done better on Prime Day?

I should have anticipated and been able to face the burden not only on their e-commerce site, but also in their cloud services: we were not the only ones angry because we could not get our Preacher solution on Amazon Prime Video. However, it is even more embarrassing to remember that Amazon provides the cloud infrastructure for many high profile sites and services: Prime Day was not a big advertisement for that side of your business.

However, our main criticisms are not technological. . Navigating through the offers was useless and many of the offers were ridiculous, especially in the games: we often found much better console packages on the eBay page than on Amazon.

Here is a great example. On Prime Day, one of the landmark deals we identified was a $ 50 discount on a Bose QuietComfort 25 headset. That lowered the price from $ 299 to $ 249. Just three weeks later, Amazon EE. UU He listed the same headphones for $ 169 .

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Will Amazon Prime Day 2019 do things differently?

Yes. CNBC reports that Jeff Wilke, Amazon's global retail sales CEO, has already demanded improvements to avoid a repeat of the capacity problems of the previous Prime Day: "technology teams are already working to improve our architecture."

We would like to think that Amazon will also improve navigation and the ability to discover their offers for Prime Day 2019, although we are not holding back our collective breathing: the general trash of both factors did not prevent Prime Day from breaking all records. , so there is not much incentive for Amazon to change it unless it decides that better navigation will generate significantly higher sales. But that's why we're here to show you the best Prime Day deals!

It's a sure bet that Prime Day 2019 will be longer. It has already grown from one day to one and a half; additional inflation seems inevitable.

  Image credit: Amazon

What does all this mean for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday?

It is clear that Amazon is prioritizing the Prime Day instead of the Super Black Friday Deals Month or the intricate name that is presented. to give its Black Friday sales period in 2019: according to 67% of this year's Prime Day offers were less than comparable offers on previous Black Friday.

That does not mean that Amazon will not participate in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. It will do so, and will offer the same type of discount we have seen in recent years. But Prime Day is more important to the company, and we expect its discounts to be deeper, especially on their own devices.

  Image credit: Amazon

Prime Day: why is it more important for Amazon? [19659007] There are some crucial differences between Prime Day and Black Friday. The first is that Prime Day is Amazon's own day. It's right there in the name, which of course refers to the Amazon Prime membership program and associated services. Amazon does not own Black Friday, and that means that, ultimately, it's just another retailer that screams to get attention: a massive seller with a very strong voice, of course, but Black Friday is an event of sales for the entire retail sector. It is much more difficult for rivals to get into something that Amazon has effectively created from the air.

The second and most important difference is that Black Friday does not create new expenses. It just moves it a little. As we have discovered in recent years the money that people spend in the Black Friday period is the money they were probably going to spend anyway: everything Black Friday really does focus on purchases before Christmas in the last week of November.

Spending on Prime Day is different in two ways. First of all, people are not spending the money they had already planned to spend on Christmas gifts. And second, they are buying mainly for themselves, not for others. If you go back to the bestseller list, there's a lot of impulse buys: Instant Pots and Hue Lightstrips, pans and dishwashers. This is a new expense, not simply moving the pre-planned expense.

There is another key benefit for Amazon. Their best-selling products on Prime Day were not just Amazon devices; they were Amazon devices that connect to Amazon services . Turn on televisions, Kindle Fires, echo devices, Alexa remotes. Each of them connects to Amazon Prime, and each of them requires a Prime membership to buy first. Then, when Black Friday comes to an end, Amazon will have a lot of Prime members for whom buying at Prime is the default, and those who want to improve their smart homes with Amazon with Black Friday deals with the Amazon brand.

Prime Day means that for Amazon, Christmas now comes twice a year.

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