Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Australian offers live ahead of the big sale

While Amazon Prime Day is now a well-established annual phenomenon of bargain hunting in foreign markets, Australia has had so far. This is because Amazon entered late into the Australian e-commerce market, which led to Down Under in December 2017 to a disappointing response.

In spite of that, Amazon did everything possible to quickly improve its product catalog and expanded its warehouse network by adding a second one in Sydney.

With its Australian ambitions growing, Amazon finally debuted Prime Day Down Under in 2018, offering some excellent offers in all categories to its main members.

Register for Prime Day

be a member of Amazon Prime to take advantage of Prime Day offers. You can sign up for a free trial that will attend you during Prime Day and may cancel after 30 days. However, if you like Prime's appearance, it will cost you only $ 6.99 / month or only $ 59 / year.

Australia was not the only country to debut on Prime Day in 2018: Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He also joined the car and made it one of the most successful Prime Days in Amazon's history.

The e-commerce giant is not yet resting on its laurels, however, since the sale of the Prime Day of 2019 will be an even bigger bonanza.

  amazon prime day 2019

What is Amazon Prime Day? ?

Amazon Prime Day began in the United States in 2015 as a celebration of the company's twentieth anniversary, with more offers on offer than Black Friday at that time. Today, Prime Day is the exclusive sale for Amazon members that takes place once a year, historically in July. While it started as a one-day sale, 2018 saw that the offers lasted 36 hours.

To make the most of Prime Day, you will have to obtain an Amazon Prime membership that will cost you to return in Australia. $ 6.99 per month or $ 59 per year.

Registering at Prime means you'll have free access to Amazon's streaming services, including Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch. Members also have free access to Prime Reading and Prime Photos for all their ebook and storage needs.

The most important thing is that a Prime membership offers you free shipping for domestic purchases, regardless of the price of the product, and free delivery of international products that cost more than $ 49 purchased in the global section of Amazon's Aussie store .

The main members are also eligible for fast shipping. That's two-day delivery on almost anything you buy. Although Amazon has promised delivery in a day for most markets, Australia will lose out, probably due to the logistics of having only two distribution centers on the East Coast that supply the entire country.

However, any purchase eligible for Prime. From the section of the Global Store that Amazon sends and sells, EE. UU It will not incur any shipping cost. This fast and free delivery in international purchases is an exclusive offer of Prime, valid until July 21.

Another incentive to sign up for Amazon Prime would be a $ 10 credit offered to members who have never broadcast anything on Prime Video. Broadcast your first movie or TV show and you will get $ 10 to spend on any item that Amazon AU sells and sends.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Prime Day may have started as a birthday celebration for Amazon, but like Black Friday, it's no longer a one-day party. Prime Day has grown from a frantic 24-hour purchase and sale to a 36-hour celebration that is still too fast for some buyers.

Although Prime Day debuted in Australia in 2018, Amazon kept selling for 36 hours to coincide with the shopping spree in more established markets. It was the longest day of all time. However, Amazon is taking the celebrations one step further this year to keep the sale for 48 hours.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 will begin at 00:01 on Monday, July 15 and continue for 48 hours, ending at 11:59 on July 16. With a lot of offers that are also offered on Amazon EE. UU., With fast international shipments no matter the cost, our advantage is that we can buy until the offers are closer to the other side of the Pacific, which gives us a total of 65 hours to continue buying.

Amazon Prime Day deals you can buy now

Even though Amazon Prime Day 2019 has not yet arrived, the online retail giant has already unleashed some particularly nice discounts on its own products, including the range of speakers Smart Echo, Kindle Readers and Ring Security Cameras.

There are also some exclusive Prime offers available at other Amazon services, so it's worth it for its members.

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Amazon Echo Plus (Gen 2) | $ 114.50 + Philips Hue smart light bulb free (cost $ 229; save $ 114.50 )

If you want better sound to enjoy your favorite songs on Amazon Music and set up smart home devices, Echo Plus second generation. He is the big brother with only half the original price. That is 50% discount on the three colors of Coal Heather Gray and Sandstone . Be sure to add the Edison Screw option or the bayonet cap version of a Philips Hue white smart bulb and get it for free. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 3) | $ 39 (cost $ 79, save $ 40)

If you do not want a large smart speaker, the Echo Dot (the latest version) is now with a 51% discount for Prime Day . That's more than half the price, with a saving of $ 40. For $ 39, that's better sound than before and a lot of Alexa intelligence, available in three fabric colors from Charcoal Heather Gray and Sandstone . ]

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Echo Show (Gen 2) | $ 249 + Philips Hue smart light bulb free (cost $ 349; save $ 100 )

It's the latest version of Amazon's 10-inch smart screen and will generally cost you almost $ 350. However, 29% has been reduced from the usual RRP for Prime Day, saving you more than $ 100 in the negotiation. So not only do you get a smart speaker, but you can also watch news clips, look at photos and make Skype calls from a single device. It is available in two color options: Coal and Sandstone . Make sure to add a Philips Hue smart light bulb to your cart and you will get it for free. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon eco entry | $ 30 (cost $ 55; save $ 25 )

For only $ 30, you can convert any common speaker or high-fidelity audio system into a smart speaker. All you need to do is save 45% on Amazon Echo input and this ingenious device will connect through a 3.5mm audio cable or connect via Bluetooth to add Alexa to the previous speaker. It's that simple and quite cheap. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition) | $ 49 (cost $ 69; saves $ 20 )

It's the only Amazon foundry device available in Australia and it's usually reduced by only $ 10 during a sale. But this Prime Day has been reduced at $ 20 is a 29% discount on the usual retail price. It is the cheapest that the Fire TV Stick has ever been, which makes it much more affordable to transmit your favorite programs and movies to your not-so-intelligent TV from your handheld device. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | from $ 145 (from $ 199; save up to $ 80 )

If you love reading, save yourself the effort of having to carry a book or two (or three) wherever you go. Just get one of the most popular ereaders for less than Amazon this Prime Day and bring your entire library with you. The 8GB Kindle Paperwhite has now been reduced to $ 145, saving you $ 54.

However, if you think that 8GB is not enough for storage, get the version of 32GB Wi -Fi for only $ 189 (less than the actual PVP of the 8GB Paperwhite) and save $ 60. The LTE version of 32GB however, comes with a savings of $ 80 – up to $ 289 .See offer

(194790002) [Imagecredit:Amazon)

Amazon Kindle | $ 109 (cost $ 139; saves $ 30 )

The latest version of the affordable Kindle is better than before with an adjustable reading light and a 167ppi non-reflective display for a Easy reading with sunlight. And it has lowered $ 30 for Prime Day, which offers avid readers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite books without having to carry physical copies. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Doorbell | $ 99 (cost $ 149, save $ 50)

This is one of the easiest ways to set up a simple security system that allows you to check your home on your phone, tablet or PC, and talk to whom whether it's at your door, it does not matter where you are. It includes the tools you need to configure it, and now also includes a $ 50 discount which makes it much more affordable. See offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Timbre 2 | $ 229 (cost $ 329; saves $ 100 )

For 1080p security recordings of your ring, you'll need the second generation model, which is usually quite expensive. For now, however, there is $ 100 off the RRP which makes the Bell 2 ringtone a bit more affordable. See offer


(Image credit: Amazon)

Motion activated security camera Ring Floodlight | $ 279 + Echo Dot bonus (cost $ 379; save $ 100 )

You can not put a price on the security of your home and your family, but it is expensive to establish a good system of security . However, on this first day, there is 26% discount in the Ring Floodlight system that is activated with the movements: the lights are turned on and a siren is activated. It is usually quite expensive at $ 379 per game, but save a little less than $ 100 when you buy before June 16. Available in black and white to fit your home.

Also, this purchase comes with a free Echo Dot, which means that you save an additional $ 199 on the package while giving yourself the means to watch any Ring Floodlight video.

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Security camera Ring Spotlight | $ 229 + Echo Dot bonus (cost $ 329; saves $ 100 )

Enlighten intruders with the Ring Spotlight cameras that come with battery [19659000]] Versions or wired . They come with built-in microphones and speakers, so you can listen and talk to the people at your door or use it with Alexa. And now you can save $ 100 on the easy-to-use 1080p security camera, with a Prime Day price of $ 229.

There is also an additional of $ 199 to save with This ring camera is shipped with Amazon Echo Dot. View offer

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Eco point | $ 129 (cost $ 199; save $ 70 )

Not too interested in a large smart screen? This small demure device brings all the Alexa intelligence you need with a 2-inch screen so you can make video calls and watch news clips or home security footage from a connected device, all for 35% discount the usual PVP. Which means you can get the black or the white Echo point for only $ 129. See offer


bNBChbwQZB6bZAFpniCeSF 320 80 bNBChbwQZB6bZAFpniCeSF 320 80 bNBChbwQZB6bZAFpniCeSF 320 80 (Image credit: Amazon)

] Amazon Music Unlimited | 4 months for $ 0.99
For a limited time, Amazon offers four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $ 0.99. You'll get unlimited access to millions of songs and you'll be able to hear hands-free with Alexa-enabled devices. This offer ends on July 16.
View offer

sA5eY7uJNdJxYv7Q7JEtig 320 80

(Image credit: Amazon)

Audible | 3 months free trial, then $ 16.45 / m

Listen to your favorite stories through the Audible app or through Amazon Kindle Oasis, if you have one. With stories of great interpreters, the books you love come to life. There is usually a 30-day free trial period, but for Prime members who sign up between July 1 and July 31, Amazon Australia has extended the free trial to three months. See agreement

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Kindle Unlimited | 3 months free, then $ 13.99 / m

For avid readers there's nothing better than Kindle Unlimited. Read the contents of your heart without having to burn a hole in your pocket every time you buy a new book. He will even have access to the audible narrations of the books he buys, all for only $ 14 a month. And only for the month of July, current Prime members who sign up for the service for the first time will get a free three-month trial instead of the usual 30 days. See agreement

How did Amazon perform in its first Australian contest? Prime Day?

According to Hitwise statistics, Amazon obtained more than 3.2 million visits (both in US sites and in Australia) on the Prime Day of 2018, and Australians preferred the US store. UU Despite the ban on buying in foreign sites after a new GST laws were passed. However, that ban has been lifted, which could be good news for Australian buyers this year.

Hitwise data shows that Australian buyers searched for mobile phones and video game consoles before Prime Day 2018, with Amazon having Echo and Kindle products among the top 10 items seen on Prime Day.

The large volume of visits resulted in a good number of sales for the e-commerce giant with a conversion rate of 7.77%, the highest rate that any The major Australian retailer has reached.

Prime Day 2018 beat Amazon a whopping US $ 1 billion in sales.

  Image credit: Amazon

Prime Day 2018: best sellers last year

Prime Day 2018 saw Amazon sells more than 100 million products worldwide and more than a million smart home devices , not only from Amazon, but also Philips Hue lights, Hive thermostats and smart plugs from various manufacturers. It was the biggest day for Echo devices, Fire tablets for kids, Kindle electronic readers and Fire TV products.

Many of the products that went on sale worldwide are not available in the Australian storefront. According to, Amazon Australia only had a tenth of the offers offered to US customers. UU And much less than those available for Canadian and British members. Where the United States offered 2,800 agreements at any one time, the Australian version only had 340. On the positive side, the discounts were more generous.

That said, Amazon is still relatively new in Australia, so we can expect it to do better. year. And despite the low volume of offers available in Down Under, Amazon sold a large number of game consoles, especially the Nintendo Switch.

The latest Nintendo console had more than 71,500 page views, followed by Sony's PS4 Pro with more than 31,000 views. according to Hitwise. In fact, the Lightning agreement on the Nintendo switch was offered twice and both times the console ran out in a matter of seconds from the current agreement. Last year's bestsellers, some of the discounts on other technology products were also quite significant.

For example, the Minecraft Bundle of Xbox One S 1TB was on sale for only $ 199, below its usual price of $ 398. The very popular and excellent noise canceling headphones QuietComfort 35 II by Bose were reduced to a minimum of $ 329 per game, although it was even cheaper during the Black Friday sales period in 2018.

Amazon Echo devices recorded significant price declines, with the original Amazon Echo smart speaker sold for only $ 109 compared to the sale of Prime Day, while the Echo Dot was reduced to only $ 39 each. Even the basic Kindle reader got a big discount of $ 30, reducing the price to $ 79.

  Image credit: Nintendo

What to expect from Prime Day 2019 in Australia

Amazon has expanded its catalog Since arrived on the Australian coast, we expect the online market to exceed the 2018 offers.

However, first of all, expect that Amazon products will receive significant price drops. Prime Day 2019 would be a good time to take over the 2018 range of Echo devices, including the new Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

You'll also find great deals on other smart home products, including the Philips Hue Starter. kits and bulbs, and also in robot vacuum cleaners such as the iRobot Roomba 960. Wait for the video doorbell 2, owned by Amazon, and quite expensive, also receive a discount.

With more televisions available on Amazon Australia now, we thought Prime Day 2019 would be the ideal time to update your home entertainment system, especially if you are looking for a good 4K smart TV.

We saw that premium headphones received big discounts on Prime Day last year, as well as the Black Friday shopping period, which means you can definitely hook a pair of Bose or Sony headphones for less.

Amazon also partnered with Samsung to offer Australian customers a one-stop shop for all South Korean products from the manufacturer. We hope that some of these, including the latest range of Galaxy S10 phones, see a reduction in prices at Prime Day this year.

And avid readers can definitely buy a Kindle, even the Kindle Oasis premium, at a cheaper price.

What does Prime Day mean for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday?

Historically, Amazon has prioritized Prime Day instead of Black Friday, according to, 67% of the 2018 Prime Day offers available abroad were lower than the comparable offers on the previous Black Friday.

In Australia, however, we saw that some prices went down during the Black Friday sales period compared to our first Prime Day. Perhaps Amazon was testing the waters, and we expect the company to outperform itself in both sales by 2019. But Prime Day is more important to the firm, and we expect its discounts to be deeper this year, especially on its own. devices

Prime Day: why is it more important for Amazon?

There are some crucial differences between Prime Day and Black Friday. The first is that Prime Day is Amazon's own day. It's right there in the name that, of course, refers to Amazon Prime's membership program and associated services. Amazon does not own Black Friday, and that means that, ultimately, it's just another retailer that screams to get attention: a massive retailer with a very strong voice. Black Friday is a sales event for the entire retail sector. With Prime Day as its own take on the November sales period, it makes it much more difficult for rivals to develop something that Amazon has effectively created from the air.

The second and most important difference is that Black Friday does not create new expenses. It just moves it a little. As we have discovered in recent years, the money that people spend during the Black Friday period is the money they would probably spend anyway: everything that Black Friday really does focus on purchases before Christmas in the last week of November.

Spending on Prime Day is different in two ways. First of all, people are not spending the money they had already planned to spend on Christmas gifts. And second, they are buying mainly for themselves, not for others.

There is another key benefit for Amazon. His global sales successes at Prime Day were not just Amazon devices; They were Amazon devices that connect to Amazon services. Turn on televisions, Kindle Fires, echo devices, Alexa remotes. Each of them connects to Amazon Prime, and each of them requires a Prime membership to buy first. Then, when Black Friday comes to an end, Amazon will have a lot of Prime members for whom buying at Prime is the default, and those who want to improve their smart homes with Amazon with Black Friday deals with the Amazon brand.

Prime Day means that for Amazon, Christmas now comes twice a year.

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