Amazon is shutting down all of its US kiosks in favor of expanding its physical stores

Amazon is closing all US pop-up kiosks when it changes its strategy to expand other types of physical stores. The company, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal announced that it would close its pop-up kiosk and that all 87 mini-stores will be closed by April 29th.

A small kiosk that sells devices like Amazon's Pop Echos, Kindles and Tablets has been in operation since 2014, located inside the shopping mall. The kiosk has also been run in Kohl & Whole Foods stores, and new pop – ups have been opening in recent months. Sudden downtime, however, suddenly shows how the company shifts its retail strategy to larger physical stores and expanded product offerings.

Amazon spokesman The Verge "After much review, we decided to stop the pop-up kiosk program and instead Amazon Books and we are more inclined "The company said it plans to open additional stores in two stores this year, offering a variety of products such as toys, games, home and kitchen utensils.

In addition to bookstores and four-star stores, Amazon reported last week that it plans to release a new grocery store chain separate from Whole Foods. Between me and the ambitious plan, I plan to open a store with no 3,000 payers until 2021, and Amazon seems to be ready to deal with a small pop-up for larger bricks and mortar retail.

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