Amazon is helping police convince people to hand over their Ring camera footage

Amazon's home security company, Ring, leads the police department on how to effectively ask for security camera footage from customers. We suggest police email from the motherboard . Email includes advice such as speaking actively in social media or encouraging a better & # 39; selection rate & # 39;

Over the last month, we have produced police departments, Amazon security companies and app control home security cameras throughout the United States. More than 200 police stations have partnered with the company and can now request footage through an interactive map of the Leg Enforcement Neighborhood Portal. Whether to share security camera footage with law is entirely up to you. The newly discovered email knows how to convince Ring to provide this video to people and is ready to share knowledge as part of a partnership with the police department I would suggest.

"Organizations with the best participation rate are actively sharing on social media, community service activities are spoken at meetings and word-of-mouth "Ring's Bloomfield Detective Bureau Commander answered questions about getting more answers from the footage request, saying," I have found that you are posting alerts and receiving feedback from the community.

In addition to being more aggressive in social media, one of Ling's agents stated that the police asked the law enforcement agency portal to ask the neighbors Pairing with the public posts for the ring, the nearby clock application. Ring also provides the police with a template for requesting images from citizens. In a statement provided on the motherboard the Ring spokesman confirmed this practice and suggested that "the police department should provide templates and educational materials to use in their discretion to provide information about their efforts to their communities. "

amazon is helping police convince people to hand over their ring camera footage

Image: Ring

Police do not need to be issued a warrant to request ring owner video footage, which is criticized by digital rights groups claiming that partnerships lead to an unregulated surveillance network. There is also concern that the partnership is accidentally encouraging the police department to promote the sale of the Ring camera and to download the Neighbors app ( Motherboard reports are "de facto advertising ring ads") in the community. You will rely more on the camera for surveillance data. There was a report on the city council that subsidizes the cost of the ring security camera, and a report from the police station dispatching police from the neighborhood surveillance office free of charge.

In response to this report, the representative of Ring Motherboard "Ling provides best practice for all law enforcement agencies to publish and participate in apps using their neighbor's app training and portal tools … the company and its products and services are accurately represented by asking for press releases and messages before distribution. "

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