Amazon copies brick-and-mortar stores by launching a new home shopping channel

Amazon launches its own shopping channel to promote other products on the Amazon Live platform, first discovered on TechCrunch and imports other pages from the brick and mortar playbooks. Because Amazon controls about half of the US e – commerce market ahead of traditional stores like Best Buy, Macy 's and Walmart, copying the actual store strategy is better for retailers. Without help, you can.

QVC Group, which is rushing to market share in Amazon, broadcasts its own show where hosts chat about available products so people can see and buy. Amazon currently offers live streams on its site and is mirroring this approach with a new app called Amazon Live Creator. It seems to target a small brand that acts as a live forum for recording live streams, using customer questions on the spot, and demonstrating what you're using.

Unlike traditional home shopping channels, this app allows you to simultaneously create multiple live streams, such as bizarre intersections between Twitch and your home shopping network . We are now streaming to the Smart Home Live Stream, a Valentine's Day gift shop stream discussing chocolate fountains, and business channels that talk about tempered glass whiteboards, promoting the Amazon Eco Dot (Naturally). To get back into business, Amazon actually recruited YouTuber The Deal Guy. Part of the product selection is honestly a bit smarter. This is probably because the average person does not know that Amazon can buy a chocolate fondue fountain. Between each live stream segment, there is a time zone for advertising Amazon Echo Dots again. Yes. Amazon Live is basically an ad within an ad.

For Amazon products, there are few physical stores where you can actually see the real thing. The company operates a mall pop-up and currently operates a four-star store in California, Colorado, New York, and ATM convenience stores. But those stores do not have Amazon warehouse products like whiteboards or chocolate fountains. When shopping on major Amazon platforms, customers typically need to see fake products and fake reviews. As a result, online shopping allows you to see many valuable products through customer reviews, photos and videos. Especially if you are making large purchases from more unknown brands. Given these difficulties, there are many reasons Amazon will expand to live stream shopping.

The real question is if people want to even sit through this video. Each show goes through about 30 products per stream, and the host discusses whether or not it is considered useful. (Do you want to know if people want to hear the different color labels that people can buy?) Amazon is already leading the music sales in North America, but when you look at the shopping live stream for the Middle East, This loosens the grip on demography. Amazon Live is already available on your site, but your app is only available if you currently have an invitation code and an Amazon account. We reached the Amazon to see when it changed.

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