All the things Apple didn’t tell us about its streaming TV service

Apple today announced its Apple TV Plus streaming service, along with a handful of original television programs that are in the works, but left out almost all the key details beyond their names. That includes the price, a release date or a real sense of the company's strategy, leaving open many questions about how Apple plans to enter the booming transmission space.

Today's event provided a great marketing boost, no doubt: a star show that includes Jason Momoa, Oprah, JJ Abrams and Big Bird adorned Apple's stage. Apple promised that the broadcast service would become "the new home of the most creative storytellers in the world."

But the show could not distract from the fact that the important details were missing.

What is worth seeing, and when?

Absence of today's event was a mention of when we might expect to see these programs reach the new Apple service. Apple said Apple TV Plus will be released in the fall, but did not say what series will be available at the launch, how often the new series will arrive, or whether Apple will launch programs weekly or all at once for binge-watching, such as Netflix.

Apple played a brief video montage causing several shows, but the montage did not do the job that the full trailers would have to explain why we would want to see each series. Above all, Apple has just let a bunch of Hollywood stars talk about their hopes and dreams for service. We know that there is a science fiction program called . See with Jason Momoa, we know that Steven Spielberg is recovering a fantasy anthology of almost one hundred years called Stunning Stories and Oprah is making a documentary about workplace harassment called Toxic Work as well as one without a title on mental health.

Here is the complete list of programs that Apple presented on stage, and a second larger list of video projects that the company has illuminated so far.

How much?

Apple also did not tell us how much it would cost. There were rumors before today's event that Apple would make its original content free as a way to attract customers to the service before they subscribed to network packages such as HBO, Starz and Showtime, with Apple making its money by taking a part of the Subscription income.

But it seems that that will not necessarily be the case. On today's stage, Apple also announced a separate TV service called Apple TV Channels, where streaming services like HBO will be available on demand, allowing you to "pay only for the channels you want. " the launch in May, several months before Apple TV Plus, which makes it seem less likely that Apple content is a gift for customers.

We also do not know how much Apple will charge to subscribe to one of those others. channels: it was rumored that each would cost an additional $ 10 per month, or if some type of package would be offered at a discount. Will we really save money by going with Apple instead of paying separately? All that Apple has said for now is that its own service will be free of advertising.

Why Apple instead of its competitors?

We know that Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on services because it can no longer count on the sale of iPhones to boost revenue growth. But, why consumers will want to pay attention to these services remains an open question, particularly when it comes to TV broadcasting, where services such as Netflix, HBO and Hulu are already popular and established brands with your own live streaming applications? and huge catalogs on the back of many, many things to see. It is still unclear exactly to whom TV Plus should be appealed.

Apple let its recruited talent be the one that speaks and explains the most today. He grew up Jason Momoa, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. But we do not hear much from Apple about why he chose these programs to develop them, beyond some commonplaces about storytelling. Television and movies are a completely new space for Apple to submerge, one that involves complicated decisions about content, taste and culture. Apple has not responded at all about how it will handle those responsibilities, but today it showed that Apple, at the very least, is willing to spend a lot of money to make a name on television.

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