All of Microsoft's iOS and Android beta programs, and how to sign up

While becoming a Microsoft mobile beta tester is generally simple, it may require a different process depending on the platform you are on and may also vary from one application to another. iOS has the Testflight application that unifies beta testing in a single center, while Android has some different ways of becoming a beta tester.

Microsoft, iOS and TestFlight

Apple has its own application called TestFlight, which makes it easier for developers and others to test the software both internally and externally. Many of the Microsoft applications on iOS are available for testing through TestFlight. To become a beta tester for any of the applications listed below, you must first download the TestFlight application. Keep in mind that some beta versions are full, so even if you follow the following links that might not be able to be beta tester.

After you have downloaded TestFlight and set it up, you can easily become a beta tester for a number of applications. All you need to do is click on one of the following links for the corresponding application. TestFlight has beta programs for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype, Cortana, Xbox, SwiftKey, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Microsoft to do

There is also a Microsoft application in iOS that still works through Office Forms: Mixer. You can sign up to show your interest in being added to the beta through this office form.

Microsoft, Google Play and Android Apps

There are many Microsoft Android applications that can beta test. There are several ways to sign up, however, instead of using a unified beta testing application like in iOS.

Becoming a beta tester for Microsoft applications on Android generally requires clicking on a specific link that is usually available through a Google+ community dedicated to each beta program in the application. But Google+ will disappear for consumers in April, so you can use the following links to become a beta tester. In addition, some Android applications have a second list in the Google Play Store which is the beta version of the application. Enrollment for those who is as easy as installing the application like any other application.

There are Android beta programs for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, Cortana, SwiftKey, Xbox, mixer, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

can also be a beta tester for Microsoft Launcher by entering the application settings menu, selecting "contact", and then selecting "join the beta program."

Although you cannot download the application xCloud use however, you can register your interest on the Xbox website.

get to the test!

Being a beta tester is fun because you get to try new features that Microsoft is like plans to implement or is considering putting the standard versions of its applications. You can also help the development of these applications because you can send comments to Microsoft about any application you try.

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