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Alice Closet is a new iOS and Android animated dress-up game with multiple RPG elements. You can play paper dolls, dress up your characters, and achieve certain ranks and achievements. The goal is to get the highest score possible.

There are many different ways to get all kinds of other prizes, including free coins, diamonds, energy and gift codes. Gift codes are similar to cheat codes, except that they are often released for promotional purposes by developers or as fan service. Gift codes can be redeemed for free items and rewards, and can be redeemed for as many different codes as you like.

Read our gift code list, how to find more, and how to redeem them at Alice Closet!

After completing the tutorial, you can redeem your gift card. To go to the Redeem Code screen, first tap your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Then press the button labeled “Menu” and then the button labeled “Gift Code”. You can now enter the code and receive your reward.

The best place to start your code search is the game’s official Facebook page, and the game’s popularity is most likely to be constantly updated by developers. If you subscribe to the page, you can see that post in your feed. Also, before subscribing, please scroll through the post feed to find the published code.

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Also check out other social media networks. Check out Twitter, Instagram, VK or other social media networks popular in your country. Especially if the developer has an official page on these platforms. Check them all so you can find all possible codes.

Twitch and YouTube are bound to be full of footage from the game, given its popularity and emphasis on fashion. Find videos and streams with code you can use. Streamers and video producers often receive proprietary code from developers for promotional purposes, and this code is a particularly good source.

Go to the App Store where you downloaded the game, go to the Reviews section, then we’ll list the two most recent and oldest reviews. Find and test gift cards listed in reviews. The more recent your review, the more likely your code will be successful.

For another highly likely source code, go to the game’s Subreddit. Usually, when players find their own code, they’ll be the first to post the code. As always, if you have the code but it hasn’t been posted yet, please add your own.

As of now, the developer has not yet released the code. However, Alice Closet is new, so the older and more popular it gets, the more code will be released!

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