Alexa! When will Windows 10 19H2 ship? New version promises more toys for assistants

Now, what about those Surface Book 2s?


The new Windows 10 lock screen?

Microsoft issued a new version of Windows 10 October last night with settings that should make Jeff Bezos smile.

Windows 10, now with Amazon extra Alexa (if you wish)

The version, 18362.10005, is also known as 19H2 and is aimed at Windows Insiders who currently languish in the slow ring.

19H2 finally fell, Microsoft announced that the code would appear as a cumulative update instead of a full version, to the relief of users exhausted by the almost hysterical pace at which the Windows 10 releases were launched.

Hidden in the previous night The notes of the version are the last nail in the coffin for the unwanted digital assistant of Microsoft, Cortana. Or at least the original vision for the bot. With 19H2, third-party digital assistants will be able to activate the voice above the lock screen.

In other words, you can shout "Alexa, order me a MacBook" on your laptop. Think about the packaging possibilities that PC manufacturers will have.

The changes are currently disabled by default, according to the Windows team, demonstrating the gang's intention to send sealed toys into the box, just breaking the cellophane when Microsoft is ready (or "through controlled releases of functions"). "). The plan is to activate the functions for a limited subset of users and then continue with the feedback.

Those functions include the ability of OEMs to reduce ink latency for users of stilettos, an intriguing solution around the containers to "allow the host to run lower level containers at the upper level for the isolation of the process (Argon) "and a key rotation function to ensure the transfer of recovery passwords on AAD devices managed by MDM.

The last key rotation is designed to stop someone from accidentally revealing the recovery password as part of a manual unlocking of the BitLocker unit.

19H2 is due to the end users in the period from September to October. Hopefully it will also include a borkage solution that currently affects the Surface Book 2 premium computer.

Surface Book 2 borked?

The owners of Surface Book 2 who peppered the money on the discreet Nvidia GPU found the 19H2 predecessor, 19H1 (also known as the May 2019 update), is a little disoriented.

Microsoft silently added the problem to its big bug book for release on July 12. The problem manifests itself with games or "graphics-intensive" applications on flagship hardware, which simply do not open.

The Windows giant has hit a block in machines when receiving their latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, some users have already had the code broken in their pride and joy. For those, Microsoft suggests that a quick "hardware change scan" might be in order.

Surface devices and Windows updates have had a history of frames over the years. Last year, Microsoft issued an updated firmware that left Surface Pro 4 users with a wonderfully retro-portable experience: no touchscreen and a slow start.

It's almost as if the company does not test its own code on its own hardware. Probably not?

Making things even more embarrassing is the fact that the Surface Book 2 is by far the flagship high-powered device. Things start with a price below £ 2k for the Nvidia i7 machine, exceeding by £ 3,149 with all the knobs turned on.

For that kind of money, you would really expect it to be the best Windows 10 experience that money can buy.

Unless, of course, that experience includes added borkage. Free. ®

Balance consumerization and corporate control.


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