Alexa now offers long-form news briefings in the US

This week, Amazon began to present a new way of hearing the news about Alexa-enabled devices. Now, when you want to hear the news from your smart speaker in the United States, you can request long-form news in addition to the brief information sessions that are already available. Engadget reports that audio news content will be available at Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, NPR and Newsy CNBC CNBC and CNBC Newsy may also show you video content on an Alexa device equipped with a screen.

The way you access the new information sessions will vary depending on whether you already have an information session for Alexa. If you have not done so, you can simply say "Alexa, play news" and the voice assistant will ask you to choose your news source for long format content. However, if you have previously configured informative meetings in flash format, you must specify an exit to obtain the information in long format specifying an exit and saying, for example, "Alexa, news of CNN reproduction".

Since these new information sessions are longer and more detailed than the informative flash presentations that Alexa has previously offered, there are playback controls to jump through each news segment. Simply say "Alexa, jump" or "Alexa, next" to move on. You can change your preferred news provider in the "Flash Summary" section of the Alexa application settings.

Surveys have previously suggested that while almost half of smart speaker owners in the United Kingdom and the United States use their devices for news, much less see it as the most important piece of functionality for their speaker. However, now that Amazon has incorporated the functionality into the central Alexa service that could change. Previously, the likes of NPR and The New York Times had to use the optional skills of Alexa to offer more detailed news coverage.

In addition to these long-form informational sessions, Amazon also recently launched a new newscast for Alexa, which allows the voice assistant to read their daily news sessions with a more natural and human cadence. However, long-form news includes prerecorded audio from each news organization.

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