Alexa now knows how high swans fly thanks to Wolfram Alpha

Amazon's Alexa is now able to answer more math and science questions through the Wolfram Alpha integration. This feature is already available to some users, but it is not immediately visible.

Alexa typically gathers knowledge from sites such as Wikipedia, Yelp, Accuweather, and, but does not respond to tough geographic, historical, or engineering inquiries before modern integration. Now with the help of Wolfram Alpha, Alexa can ask questions such as the flying height of a swan, how many sheets of paper to put in a binder, and how fast the wind blows. Wolfram Alpha is a resource that schools can sometimes use as a reliable source of information.

Apple's competitor, Siri, has had Wolfram Alpha integration since the launch of the iPhone 4S in 2011, considering all the other drawbacks, but the Google assistant still does not offer Wolfram, which prefers to rely on its search engine. The lack of Google's Wolfram Alpha means that the service loses the math problems and puzzles that it can solve. In the end, the more sources Smart Assist can get more information, the better.

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