Alexa Guard is coming soon for all Echo owners in the US

Amazon's Alexa Guard feature is now being rolled out in the US UU., After a preview only by invitation that lasted a few months. This free update allows your Echo speaker to hear danger signals in your home while you are away. It sounds like breaking a glass (caused by a thief or a bad-tempered cat) or triggering a smoke alarm that will make Alexa send smart alerts with audio clips. If your Echo has a built-in camera, it will show a live video at your home.

In addition to listening, Alexa Guard can also imitate the daily use of smart light, turning lights on and off to make it look like you're at home. Amazon notes that Alexa Guard does not claim to be a replacement for an alarm system, and can not alert authorities. Even so, these baseline capabilities give the Echo speakers and show a slight advantage over what Google Home and Apple HomePod can do immediately.

After the update of the application reaches your phone, you can enable the function by opening the Alexa. the application Once you are there, go to the settings, touch "Guard", then continue with the configuration process. Keep in mind that you'll have to say "Alexa, I'm leaving" every time you want to activate Guard mode.

If your home is already set up with an intelligent residential security system (for example, Ring), Alexa Guard may seem trivial. However, it is a worthwhile addition that will not cost you anything extra to activate. As my colleague Sean Hollister pointed out, Ring still does not make sensors to detect window breakages, so until he does ( if does), this function should offer him a little more peace of mind.

Speaking of Ring, Amazon is not usually good at cross-embedding its security products for the home, but Alexa Guard can be configured to arm its Ring security system when it tells Alexa to activate the mode Guard.

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