Albion Online Island Guide 2020

Albion Online, has two types of islands. Instantiated player islands, including uninhabited island regions and guild islands and private islands. In this Albion Online guide we will cross the island.

Albion Online has gained its population in a lot of traffic or RPG terms since the free update was introduced in Albion Online. So we want to help players who want to participate in Albion Online island and help them get better in the game.

Overview of Albion Online Island

Albion Online Island

The first step is to live your island. To get or build your island, you must first go to the main city. You need to interact with the Island seller from there. To purchase an island, you must have a premium account valid for 30 days. You are only allowed to have one private island, and after you purchase the island it is yours with or without premiums.

Albion private island purchased can be upgraded to 6 levels. The important thing to remember is that you can only enter a private island in the city of purchase. So if you try to access it from another city, you can’t access it. Keep this in mind when buying an island in any city.

If you want to upgrade your island, you are an island trader like you who have to go. If you want to farm on the island to produce food, upgrade the island to at least two levels (so that you have access to your crops) and read Albion Online island guide to Growing Crops. Upgrading your private island to level 2 gives you access to additional land for homes and more.

How to make your life easier in Albion Online

How to make your life easier in Albion Online

Island farm utilization

I mentioned this before, but I can’t emphasize it enough. The best way to make money online at Albion is agriculture. It is very profitable, and if done correctly, you can also buy a one-year premium pass with farm income. Of course, you need to prepare for island and research market trends, but it’s worth it.

Expert Tip: If possible, you can create different characters for each character island and create a farm whenever possible. It’s like hell, but it will make you rich soon.

Know where to put your island

This tip was shared previously, but it seems that the new player still made a mistake. Do not leave the island anywhere. Study the best locations and see which city you are going to and which area is safer. You can save a lot of difficulty.

Aside money

I don’t know about you guys. However, I always do my best to buy premiums with in-game money. However, it is very easy to access the game bank account and use everything. For this reason, I-and many others-created additional characters in the game to act as banks. That way you won’t be persuaded too easily to spend your money.

Find Guild

Another advice I would like to share with you is finding a guild. Guilds are very useful for gaining honor and learning everything about the game. However, do not accept guild invitations at random. In most cases it will be a stupid guild that uses players and charges funny taxes.

Don’t be afraid of the red and black areas

It’s not as dangerous and scary as people think. You have to be careful not to be afraid. There’s a lot to know about this area, but the higher the risk, the greater the reward.

Do not parade Gucci equipment

Don’t go to dangerous places with armor that you can’t buy again to love God. It is not necessary to use T8.3 equipment for a snack or a uniquely famous agricultural trip. T4.1 and T4.2 are sufficient to achieve this goal. And they don’t completely break you.

Change shortcut

Believe it or not, changing some shortcuts can save lives.

The most pressing shortcuts are Party Member Selection, Vehicles, and Potions / Food. For me, putting the potion on T is the best option right next to the armor technique. Food is Y.

Places spells according to cast time. In other words, you should not place a quick cast spell right in the middle of a press-to-spell. It will confuse you in the long run, and you will have a hard time remembering their position in the middle of the fight.

Watching professional players

The gameplay can be greatly improved by seeing the pro player do the magic. The Albion flag can show you the best places, the best buildings, great reputation credit information, and more. I have no idea what I am missing if I haven’t done this yet.

We post articles about Albion Online very often, so enjoy this article on Albion’s tips and tricks and stay tuned to Squad.

  • Various arrangement possibilities on the island
  • Breeding animals and mountains
  • Agriculture
  • Herb growth
  • Potion making
  • Crafts

Albion Online Best City for Private Island

Albion Online Best City for Private Island

In major cities, you can find island sellers and talk to buy islands. Main cities:

Port sterling
Curry Leon
Rim Hearst

How to get free island in Albion Online

The scheme is a premium feature, so you must have an active premium status for at least 30 days to own it. Follow these steps to get your island!

  1. Get a premium qualification of at least 30 days.
  2. Collect 12500 silver
  3. Search for the best location for your island
  4. Move to one of the big cities
  5. Find Island Merchant
  6. 12500 Silver Purchasing Island

Purchase your island

Personal Island Cost

The table below shows the cost of purchasing and upgrading a private island without including global discounts.

Albion Online Island Guide 2020

Personal Island chart

The table below shows the plots and features available at each level of the personal island.

Albion Online Personal Island chart

You can also watch the video of Albion Online Island beginner guide


Crop cultivation on private island

You will have to wait 2 minutes to enter the private island. Once you arrive at the private island on level 2. It is better to farm before other things like buildings. Press H to bring up the building menu called Select Building. In that menu, select the Farming tab and then select Farm to start building your agricultural zone.

You need to place the plot where you want it, pay a fee, and then collect the materials for creating the plot and then House. Information about the required materials is displayed, which requires 15 Tier 1 Raw Wood and 15 Tier 1 Raw Stone. These materials are readily available in the environment around the island. You can find the gemstone and pick it up, or you can cut the first-level tree on a private island.

What to consider when buying a new horse at Albion Online. It is recommended to bring the highest level ax (at least 2 levels) to significantly speed up the chopping of wood. After collecting the material, put it down on farmland. After all, after this work, you are finally ready to start your farm on the plot.

Now you need seeds to plant in your farming plot. For that, go to the agricultural merchant on your private island and buy from him. Farmers sell a lot, but for now they are only interested in crops. Buy seeds from Farming Merchant.

You can access the carrot first. Buy 9 of them to fill 9 slots in the farm area. Carrots are essential because they make a lot of money and can be eaten by most animals in Albion Online. In conclusion, carrots are one of the most efficient crops. Plant the seeds you just bought on farming merchants and farms. Water the plant sown. Watering requires focus.

When the crops are fully grown, it is time to harvest. Go to farming with plants and collect them. If you used the focus, some seeds may reappear.

Buying & Upgrading your Private Island

The initial cost of a beginner island is about 12,500 silver and it is easy to build a farm by completing a few quests in various regions. However, upgrading the island costs much more and costs more per tier. The cost may change when the game comes out.

Travel planning allows you to travel to private islands and quickly get to all the cities of Albion Online for a small fee depending on the distance. Also, when traveling to a city other than the city where you purchased the island, you cannot bring your goods back in stock.

In other words, it should be the main location where you should regularly go back and forth for the rally and other related materials before buying the island. The appearance of a novice island is very basic and full of junk, destroyed things, broken houses, and trees. The material initially provided is limited enough to get better material after a few patch updates.

Level 2 Island

The exterior of Level 2 Island is cleaner and less junk. Unlock the first agricultural zone for planting vegetables or raising animals. With the upgrade you can add more farming sections. Islands on level 2 and above also have agricultural traders who offer a lot of materials for farming and start making progress on the fate board.

To build a building on the island you need a lot of materials. Through the auction house, you can see what you need, whatever you want to build. A list of all necessary materials can be found in the building structure planner. You can place the building where you want. The green icon tells you that you can build in that space.

Once the building is planted, click on the material to apply it to the building. The building needs to be repaired from time to time. You can also plan, upgrade, and hire NPCs to work on the island, whatever you do, like cooking, raising animals, or farming. There is always the exact NPC you are looking for.

You can farm on an island of level 2 or higher. If there is not enough material, collect it right on the island. For homes and upgrade options, you have to go out and travel to other areas to collect high-quality building materials and stone.

Agricultural plots can not be upgraded. For better farming, you need to upgrade the island. Here is a list of all island levels, including their cost and features.

  • Level 1 – 12,500 with 1 building plot
  • Level 2 – 37,500 with additional crops, farmhouses, building plots, and two small building plots
  • Level 3 – 125,000 with additional farming plots and two building plots
  • Level 4 – 325,000 with additional farming plots and two building plots
  • Level 5 – 625,000 with additional farm plots and 2 building plots
  • Level 6 – 2,500,000 with additional crops and 3 architectural plots

Total cost: 3,625,000 silver coins with 5 agricultural plots, 11 architectural plots, 2 small building plots.

Build your own house on a private island

Let’s build a house on a private island in Albion Online. Decide where to place your house on a private island. Go to the desired location in your home, press the H button to pull the tab, and then click the Home tab to see the different options to choose from. At present, you can choose from three housing buildings: guild halls, ordinary houses, and specialty houses.

Animal breeding

If you do not have access to a specialized house that is accessible only if you are a founder, you should go with a regular house. Like early buildings (dots, pastures, etc.), houses need to collect certain raw materials. Tier 1 Stone and Tier 1 Wood are important along with another new resource, limestone.

After you have collected all the necessary resources in the required amount, you need to build a house using them. You can not put a lot at this stage, but after building the house, you can add furniture. You can not do much in the house now. Make this house your home, demolish it and decide who can access it (if your home is a downloadable world) you can also upgrade your home.

To upgrade your home, you need to press the upgrade button. Upgrading your home will allow you to move on to the next level. This requires higher layer resources than ever before. When the house is upgraded, you will get the next part of the house.

You can keep adding more things to your home, like a box. The minimum level at which the house should be the baseline is level 4. You can put a lot of stuff in a Tier 4 house and you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to the next level. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to upgrade from a Tier 1 home, but it’s a good idea to get Tier 4.

If you want to put the house in another place, but do not have a solution to this problem in the situation when the process of building a house has already begun, do not worry. Equip your character with a demolition hammer and change your settings to go home and attack that house. Now attack the house and it will disappear.

But the raw materials put into building this house will not be returned. If you want to put the house in another place after it is already fully built, go to the house and demolish it. But if you do that, you get back 98{2149043e656cb7511a8d021e37fdb2cb51b4ccee25009e9925e1a4601c1b7ec1} of the resources you put into building this house.

Jobs, Weapons and Armor guideline

jobs weapons and armor guideline albion online

Therefore, if you want to put the house in a separate place, but the construction has already begun, you can be patient and wait for it to complete, then get 98 of the resources you put in. Build a house without losing all the hard-grown raw materials. The best course of action is to properly think about the location of the house before building it. This saves material, effort, and a lot of time.


Next, let’s look briefly at the workers. Workers are those who are hired to work for you on a private island. So there’s a journal that you take out when you’re making or when you’re collecting or doing something that earns you fame. And you write this journal and take it to the people at home and give it to them.

And when you give them this journal, they will give you back the amount you went out of fame. For example, if you use a lot of 3rd level leather, fill the 3rd level journal, and provide the journal again, it returns 3rd level resources. If you are at a higher level, you can enchant what you receive.

The way to build these workers at home is to please them. That’s right. You need to keep your workers happy. This includes a table for all workers. One table can accommodate 4 workers. One to four people can sit at the table. Buy enough tables to sit with all the workers.

Get a bed for every worker with a table. Make sure you also have a trophy to please the labor. All of this may sound complicated, but you need to keep Laborers content.

Albion Online Tips and Tricks 2020

Albion Online Tips and Tricks 2020

After playing Albion Online, for a while, I decided to organize what I wanted to know before starting. Below I shared the top 5 Albion Online tips of 2020.

Albion Map

The map screen has important information whether you are a beginner or a veteran. First of all, the region type of a specific map is displayed in the upper left of the map screen. If it says “Safe Zone”, other players can roam freely without fear of killing you. However, PvP is available in many areas. In other words, players in this area are free to kill each other. Worse, the player who died drops the loot, making death very expensive.

The list of resources in the top right corner of the map screen is equally important. This indicates what kind of material the animal can collect in this area: skin, wood, crop, ore. Various resources are distributed throughout the game world, helping to guide you where you need it, so you don’t have to go to Google wherever you are.

Finally, the map shows the surrounding environment. It’s easy to get lost when you start Albion Online for the first time, so investing a few minutes to learn how to read my location on the map and what the different colors mean will help you on your way to success.

Make friends

Socializing in MMO is always a good idea, but it’s generally not a must if you’re not interested in raids. However, Albion Online is very different. Full-end games, sandbox games like EVE Online, are built around the structures owned by the player and the guild that owns that guild.

FYI, the world of Albion Online is a dangerous place where thousands of players roam the PvP area to take advantage of undoubted players. Eventually, the deceased players can throw away the loot, so there is a great motivation for the players to kill each other.

Making and grouping friends with all this in mind is not only the best way to stay productive but also your best defense against bankers. It should also be taken into account that all players in trouble can retaliate. Creating an enemy is something that you want to do very deliberately or not at all in Albion Online.

Invest your Gold

Albion Online is an MMO. You may be most interested in the short term, but you will likely be debilitating in the coming months or return to the game later. With this in mind, there is no better investment now than gold. It’s currently undervalued, just like in the early days of beta. The value will rise in the coming months, especially if the initial founder withdraws cash as a bonus.

It’s a good idea to stock up as much gold as possible in the first few weeks because you know how the value of silver decreases over gold in Albion Online’s economy. In a few months you will be able to trade gold with an incredible amount of silver and can be used to purchase valuable items.

Let’s do this. You can spend the next few dozen hours or even invest in gold and wait a few months until you sweat. Trust us and you will not regret it.


In the early days, you’ll want to experiment with some battles and feel what you are most interested in. Is it closer to the type of melee fighter? Perhaps you prefer archery? A better way is to enjoy magic casting.

After knowing more about the three main types of battles you enjoy the most, you’ll need to open the Destiny Tree and determine the default route. As summarized in the Destiny Tree, Albion Online has a very clear and distinct progression path.

At first, the progress is fast and not painful. You can unlock various rewards along the way as you race through unlocking. Not until later on the grind begins, and if you decide to do something other than specializing in one way, you will find that you are constantly running out of learning points.

I recommend using melee builds for beginner players who are not confident in their skills. These tend to have the lowest skill caps, so they can play effectively without frustration.

Start your farm

Food is one of the most important resources on Albion Online. Veteran players, used to maintain various territories and buildings, demand a lot of food and sell food at surprisingly high prices on the market. The farm is built in a player-owned area, in addition to raising livestock, you can grow and harvest a variety of crops. It’s the best way to build a food inventory consistently, whether you want to sell food or sell food for personal benefit.

Farmland can be purchased at a variety of locations, including:

Pirate Refuge
Fisher hold
End of the trip
Smugglers only

All you have to do is start seeding when the farm is up. These can be found in enemies or purchased in the market from other players. To plant seeds, simply click on the item in stock while in farming and then hit the “place” button. After a certain period, the seeds grow into crops that can be harvested.

After a few days of work, everything works fine. At that point you will slowly but surely collect stockpiles of valuable food.

Albion Online Farming Guide

Albion Online Farming Guide

Agriculture basics

Every farmer has one thing to start: land. Fortunately, players get the land they need when they get their private island. Each island can have up to 5 agricultural plots depending on the island level. If there are other purposes on the island, or if you don’t want to farm, you can access the guild’s farm area.

This method is great because it allows you to grow large amounts of crops, taking into account that each guild farm has up to 8 agricultural plots.

Either way, you’ll find agricultural traders selling everything related to agriculture: seeds, baby animals, and all the other supplies you need to get started. If your goal is to be the best guild farmer, know that is a great thing.

To maintain the territory of the guild, the food produced is very necessary, so the guild will find a good farmer and ensure a good food supply for all food to run smoothly.

Farmer way selection

Chose the life of a farmer. But what kind of farmer would you be? Are you planning to focus on growing vegetables, herbs, or both? Do you prefer to cut normal pups and calves, or do you want to raise special baby animals that will later become powerful mountains?

Albion Online’s ambitious farmers have a lot of options so you don’t have to worry about choosing one way and then regretting it later. You can change it whenever you want.

Know options

Vegetables and grains are commonly used in food making, while herbs are usually grown to brew potions.
For animals, you can raise mountains (horses and others) or farm animals (calf and foal). Both can be put on pasture, but ultimately will have different results.

While farm animals produce resources such as milk or eggs, mounts are used when the player moves. Or, if you want, you can kill the food and sell it as food-making ingredients.

Finally, you can raise special baby animals that are not available on NPC. These animals can be looted from world bosses or special mobs, or purchased directly from the market or other players.

Final Tips and tricks

First, reduce the crop time. To succeed in agriculture, you need to care for crops and animals. If you plan to make money in agriculture, record the time when the seeds planted are fully grown. That way, you can harvest immediately and plant the ground.

You also need to use focus points. To get the most out of agriculture, you need to learn how to use focus points correctly. They will increase seed yield and offspring. The cost of using the focus point is calculated taking into account agricultural abilities. In short, the more experience you have, the fewer points you have to spend.

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