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For years, Android gamers have been waiting for valuable online MMO titles that could change the current saturated market. With Albion Online, players are introduced to a whole new world full of possibilities. Learn more about this first true cross-platform online game by reviewing it. Also cheek, Albion Online guide,

About Albion Online Story

Albion Online lets you experience the exciting world of the Middle Ages with amazing gameplay provided by players. In Albion Online, you can have your own story and become your own personal. Choose from different development paths depending on your character. Would you be a good citizen and profit by doing productive work or joining the bandits to plunder from others?

Albion Online tell your story gameplay official video

Create your own customizable characters, equip specific items, upgrade your skills according to your preferences, and join millions of online players in this large community.

Here are some Albion Online features

Here is an interesting feature of Albion Online. If time is worth it, decide for yourself.

Fight for your own survival

In the world of Albion Online, players can show their amazing combat skills in a battle against powerful monsters scattered around the globe. You can also test your skills against each other in exciting PvP battles. Also, those who like to work with other players can form their own guilds, teams or squads to help each other in difficult situations or hard tasks. Battle massive battles across Albion Online.

With enough power, money and influence, you can have your own land. Build homes and villages, collect troops to protect them. Collect resources and keep expanding the land. Protect from intrusions in other areas and claim property in other areas. Use your colorful tactics and powerful army to bring your enemies to your knees.

The more land and resources, the more shelters to protect people from hiding dangers. But monsters give you cool booty if you kill them. Therefore, Monster Hunter is always needed for work. Become a hero and help others deal with tough monsters and get rewarded.

Unique player-centric economy

Albion is almost self-sufficient because most of its goods and resources come from real players. This means you can be a good citizen of Albion Online and contribute to the economy with a specific career.


Farmers do good things throughout the economy by bringing quality produce to the market. In addition, you can avoid an exhausted combat lifestyle that does not lead to a good night’s sleep. In addition, through the agricultural business, you can become friends with lovely animals, learn how to grow crops and make delicious food from their products.

It’s a great way to avoid the fierce wars while providing enough money to develop in the Albion world. Needless to say, every guild’s treasure needs a person to supply produce for the economy.

Forgery and hunting

If you think that it is not suitable for a farmer’s peaceful and sometimes boring lifestyle, it will be more suitable to find and hunt for food. Here in Albion Online, players can travel to other lands in the area. Collect unique items that are only available in the wild to fight powerful wild animals. Become a hunter in Albion online and find the treasure. But also pay attention to the enemies who want to use you.

Black Smith’s Life

Whatever you do in Albion Online, you’ll always need to have good gear-farmers, hunters, warriors, etc That’s why becoming a blacksmith is a valuable asset to the community. You are the only one who can come when they have to make something. In other words, you can make a fortune by making weapons and gears for others. You can also use this amazing power to build cool gear.

Albion Land Trips & Merchandise Sales

And in order to distribute goods in every corner of the territory, you must have a seller. This profession allows you to travel to other places, meet fabulous people, sell goods and earn a lot of cash. There will be thieves trying to make hard-earned money, so be sure to arrange a means of transport to transport the goods, and secure enough security guards.

And if you want to make quick money without having to deal with the difficulties of trading, you can list the items for sale in the local market. If you go to a lot of travelers, you can earn enough money soon.

Build your own house

It gives the player a place to call it “home”. In Albion Online, players can build buildings, furniture, and other infrastructure with great architectural skills. Albion’s gamers can own a lot of their homes and build homes in the same place. Then you can finish the house with decorations, furniture and add new family members.

Comfortable beds, warm fires, delicious meals allow everyone to live happily in Albion. The furniture also provides certain boosts and bonuses. And if you have enough money and strength, you will want to expand your home to manor.

Gather settlers who want to live under your protection. Organize your community with the right economy and the military. As your strength grows, conquer other countries and expand your empire.

Customize your character

In addition, players can create their own characters with unique characteristics and appearance. And depending on your taste, you can choose to develop your character on a different path on the Destiny Board. Become a farmer, fighter, craftsman or hunter Everything is up to you. It is up to you to experience the other way or choose one way.

Also, in Albion Online, players are not subject to class restrictions, so you can equip all items to other characters without class restrictions. Wear what you want and take advantage of what you have.

The main thing is that there is nothing permanent in Albion. You can learn how to become a fighter while working as a farmer for a lifetime. Interchangeable roles allow players to experience their favorite games in a variety of ways.

You are not the only one

Do not think that it is completely safe even when you are a farmer. In the world in which we live, there are other threatening species that do not fit well with humans.

In the depths of hell, we have a despicable hell devil that poses a great threat to Albion’s peace. It is forbidden for them to cross the world by the will of the universe, but it will last until the helllords are doing their best to break the door between us.

And heretics are emerging from the sacred lands of World War I. Causing disturbance and misery among the people, these lunatic martyrs should stop at all costs. In the dark forest of Albion is the land of Albion Guardian. They are ancient people with great power to manipulate elements. They will do no harm if you are away from them.

Death spirits who refuse to cross to the next life are scattered in every corner of Albion. This demon spirit is called undead. They live without a purpose where murder is the only entertainment.

Once a proud wizard, Morgana was expelled from Albion’s territory after his defeat with Merlin in Great War. Nevertheless, her worshipers are still hiding in the dark of Albion, looking for opportunities to revive their masters and confuse the world.

The king and his followers are not trusted in Albion Online. Although they provide shelter for immigrants, in most cases, they are usually interested in the king’s vault and how they can be exploited from the poor of Albion.

Enjoy cross platform gameplay

Players can experience true cross-platform gameplay through this revolutionary MMO. In other words, the game is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can enjoy it on any device at any time without any difficulty.

In addition, each version is optimized for specific devices, allowing for smooth gameplay and comfortable control on any device.

Play Free Albion Online game on your android device

For Android users, you can go to the Albion Online official website, and download the APK file to start this exciting game right on your device. Install the game and follow the instructions to play the game on your device.

Visual and sound quality

The game features beautiful 3D graphics but is relatively playable on most devices. However, to maintain the proper experience within the game, it is recommended that the device be provided with the available hardware. Immerse yourself in the amazing world of the Middle Ages.

Sound / music

Almost every aspect of Albion Online is accurately described with realistic sound. You will feel like you live in the real world instead of playing online games.

Albion Online Android Update

The biggest update of Albion Online since the game was released in 2017, this update completely reworked the Outland continent, giving players of all types and levels the opportunity to compete and thrive in the advanced realm of Albion. Hideout allows the guild to live and thrive in Outland by choosing their place to live in the open world, and with the new Crystal League, Open World Territory Battles will allow guild members of all levels to contribute to territory ownership and season rankings.

The Queen Update also introduces a new faction to the game. Ancient Avalonians came out of quarantine to reclaim the land of Albion. Players can play against Avalonia in new elite random dungeons found throughout the Outland and offer the highest level of PvE content in the game to date.

In addition to a buff of fame that lasts for a week, this dungeon also gives you the chance to get powerful Avalonia Shards. Along with these new features, the Queen update offers numerous quality of life improvements, including:

  • New wardrobe skins
  • Enchanting stones
  • New cursors
  • Player scan shortcuts
  • Streamlined
  • Updated maps

For both veterans and new players, the Queen update brings Albion Online to the next level of the open world sandbox game and gives players a new chance to claim their Albion.

Albion Online Android requirements

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later
  • You need a tablet with a screen size of at least 7 inches. The phone can run a tablet, but it is not officially supported.
  • ARMv7 (Cortex) or Atom CPU
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 support or later
  • As the game continues to expand beyond 2GB of RAM, it is expected that the minimum RAM requirement will increase to 3GB in the near future.

Download Albion Online free for android

There isn’t much to complain about Albion Online android game. Download and install now to experience one of the best online MMOs for your device.

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