Alaska will connect to the continental US via a 100-terabit fiber optic network

Late last year, FCC Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr received an "outburst" from remote Alaskan residents who were concerned about how poor their Internet access is, and they were not wrong. Alaska has, on average, some of the slowest Internet connections in the country, mainly due to its distance from the rest of the continental United States.

But remote Alaska can see faster speeds soon. MTA Fiber Holdings announced today that it will build the first and only "terrestrial" fiber optic network that will extend from Alaska to the bottom 48. The line will begin at the North Pole, Alaska and travel through Canada, connecting with Canadian companies . where it will eventually connect with "any major center" in the United States. A vast majority of Alaska's current connections to the global Internet run through a handful of submarine cables, satellites or wireless connections.

"This is an important step for Alaska that will guarantee future capacity requirements for MTA members and can support" The continued growth of broadband throughout the state of Alaska, "said Michael Burke, CEO of MTA.

According to the press release, only Internet traffic that originates and ends in the US will be transported through the network.

This new fiber optic network will have the initial capacity to deliver 100 terabits per second In a press release, MTA said this delivery rate may increase in the future Burke said construction has already begun and the network is expected to be completed sometime next year.

"Alaska's leaders have spoken of an off-state road fiber optic path for more than 20 years. We are pleased to be able to make this a reality, "Burke said." This will be a great victory for people who live, play and work in Alaska, support business, employment growth and, ultimately, the economy of the economy. state. "

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