Airbnb wants to create TV shows to convince people to travel more

Even Airbnb is getting into the TV game. According to Reuters the hotel and rental platform is studying the construction of its own television studio to produce short films, documentaries and shows that can be used to promote travel and, by extension, its platform.

The idea is not as farfetched as it seems. Reuters reports that Airbnb, for some years, has been studying the possibility of partnering with existing production studios and entertainment companies, or building an in-house studio to produce shows and video content that promotes the guests of Airbnb and the hosts, the places of trip and, for the rest, transform even more their image into a brand of travel lifestyle. Taking into account the number of magazines, websites and video channels specific to travel and home decoration, both online and by cable, it seems to be a great opportunity for Airbnb to get into space.

The report notes that Airbnb is already engaged in the effort, which is said to be driven by CEO Brian Chesky. Airbnb has worked on a television show called Home for Apple's new TV Plus subscription service; The show focuses on discovering unique living spaces around the world and the people who reside there. Airbnb also helped produce a documentary, called Gay Chorus Deep South that focused on a tour of the southeastern United States, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month.

"We are very much in the research and development phase here," said Chris Lehane, Airbnb's chief policy and communications executive. , Reuters . "It's not limited to video, it could be audible, it could be physical, the more we publish the content, the more people will bring to the platform."

From a few years ago, Airbnb began to create a new image for itself that has grown to include the traditional hotel industry and more than just accommodation. In 2016, the company launched its Trips initiative to allow freelancers and Airbnb hosts to provide experiences, such as tour guides and cooking lessons, that could be used to complete an itinerary on a vacation trip or away from home.

Two years later, Airbnb launched its Plus level, a more expensive and curated form of booking designed more like a traditional hotel. Part of that launch meant that Airbnb would start working on a bed and breakfast basis and in smaller, independent hotels. More recently, Airbnb has moved further into the traditional hotel industry, acquiring Luxury Retreats, a high-end rental company, and, earlier this year, the last-minute booking site HotelTonight.

Given the more difficult regulatory environment around short-term rents that Airbnb was designed to offer for the first time, it makes a lot of sense for the company to grow in the future enough to become part of the traditional industry that a once tried to interrupt. The company, which has a value of more than $ 30 billion and is ready to be public this year or next, has long been ambitious to be a comprehensive and end-to-end travel company, such as a travel agency , a reservation platform and a tourism guide. all in one.

Just as Netflix began as a distribution mechanism for entertainment that changes the game and has become a hybrid player within Hollywood, Airbnb follows a lot of competitors' playbook, like Expedia and the big hotel chains , by offering similar services and services. Position yourself as a family alternative to standard and hotel rental platforms. Part of that effort includes eye-catching marketing campaigns, which is what Chesky's original video ambitions seem designed for.

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