Ailment is now available on Steam

The game for mobile devices appeared this past summer and in just a few months it has proved to be an addictive game worth mentioning. After our initial impressions too positive and an interview with the creator of the game, Ivan Panasenko we left things on a positive note about 4 months ago. However, during that time, the game exceeded 400,000 downloads on iOS and Android, while Panasenko was busy adapting the game to the PC, and is now available on Steam.

That's right, the crazy, fast-paced, non-stop fun is now available on Steam for just under $ 5, and brings all the pure extravagance of the pixel art action space. If you haven't tried or read about Ailments yet, the game's story unfolds in the space where the main character is waking up in a spaceship after being unconscious for a few days. The last thing he remembers is that he, along with the rest of the crew, was going to answer a distress call somewhere in space.

Now, after waking up, Jonathan seems not to remember what happened. Also, he can't find any of his former crewmates, until he meets one of his comrades who is … different now. Not to reveal too much, but blood is drawn and shot, since you must stay alive and control the situation again.

  Ailments in Steam

Ailments is a game like a rogue with fast-paced action where enemies constantly try to catch you or shoot you. In a few brief moments between bloodbaths, the player can order his equipment, choose his weapons and adjust his strategy. With a pixel art style, this game seems deceptively simple, but in fact it offers a lot of depth in all its aspects. The enemy is using weapons and ship systems against Jonathan, so you must be more cunning, outwit and overcome the endless flow of danger that has been thrown at you.

The PC version of this game still retains its pixel art and its original atmosphere. . The control scheme is adjusted, but still close to the core of the original game. In addition to being so popular, Ailment mobile received the Game of the day award in the App Store on September 28 th and its scores are still 4.5 on Google Play and [19659002] 4.6 in the iTunes application store . Now you can verify it on the PC through Steam by following this link .

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