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Wondering how to prepare a lunch box in the Adorable Home game? Read this Adorable Home game walkthrough and prepare a lunch box for your partner.lovely home game lunch box

Preparing a bento box in the Adorable Home game is very easy. Just buy food from the shop/market and place it in the 3 slots of the bento box. Bring this box after office hours when your partner leaves home for the office. It is one of the best ways to win love or hearts. First of all, we recommend checking out the Adorable Home game guide, which tells you how to play Adorable Home. In this post, we have shared a step-by-step guide to preparing a bento box. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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lovely home game lunch box

How to prepare a bento box in a lovely home game?

You can prepare a packed lunch while your partner is at home. There is a lunch box icon in the lower right corner of the lounge screen. Tap to prepare your lunch box on the next screen.lovely home game lunch box

What are the requirements for preparing a bento box?

You need to add a main course dish to the main course slot, add a side dish to the side course, and add a dessert dish to the dessert course. You can also change the box by tapping it.

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How to get food items?

Main course, side course and dessert course dishes can be purchased at the shop. Tap the home icon in the lower right corner. -> A menu will open. -> Tap the Shop button. -> Go to the store. -> Go to the Food tab. -> All dishes are listed in this tab. Main, dessert and side. Buy different food for each course. If you know of a combo, please comment!

How to get more love?

You can get more love points by putting haute cuisine in the bento box. The shop has many dishes with different prices. Higher priced plates give players more love points.

What should I do after preparing my lunch box?

After preparing the lunch box, all you have to do is wait for the next day in the game. Your partner will walk you out of the house to the office and bring you back after working hours.

When he returns from the office, his icon is displayed in the lunch box slot in the lower right corner. Tap the icon and claim your love.

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So this is what this post is all about on how to prepare a bento box in your Adorable Home game.

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