Adobe XD Free Download (2019) For Windows 10

Free download of Adobe XD for Windows 10

Free download of Adobe XD for Windows 10, which is a great tool for designers. Adobe XD presents many important features for designers who are hardly present in any other free software. Adobe XD is widely and primarily used to create designs for websites and mobile applications, etc.

Why should we use Adobe XD?

Suppose you are a web or application designer and your client wants to see how the design of your future website will look, so the easiest way to show you the design is to create a design in adobe XD and he will tell you If you want to work with you or not. If you show designs by fully developing the web or application and then rejecting the design, it is a waste of time and effort. That’s why every designer currently chooses Adobe XD because it saves time.

It also helps customers in many ways, now suppose that if you are a customer and want someone to design a website or mobile application for you, then what is it? What is the easiest method to show the design in your mind? For this type of work, you can use Adobe XD to create the design on a worktable and the web designer will create exactly the same design easily.


Before starting the free download of adobe XD, you should know that the best thing The important thing about this software is that you can create several work tables. You can also connect your work tables using shapes / buttons so that the user can change pages / work tables when clicking. This feature is very useful because viewers can interact with your design as a live website / application.

Default worktable sizes

Adobe XD has some default worktable sizes for mobile applications and websites so that users can easily choose the size of the worktable. For your website or application.

iPhone / Smartphone sizes

  • iPhone XR / XS Max – (414 x 896)
  • iPhone X / XS – (375 x 812)
  • iPhone 6/7/8 Plus – (414 x 736 )
  • iPhone 6/7/8 – (375 x 667)
  • iPhone 5 / SE – (320 x 568)
  • Android Mobile – (360 x 640)

iPad / Tablet sizes [19659011] iPad – (768 x 1024)

  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches – (834 x 1112)
  • iPad Pro 11 inches – (824 x 1194)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches – (1024 x 1366)
  • Android Tablet – (768 x 1024)
  • Surface Pro 3 – (1440 x 960)
  • Surface Pro 4 – (1368 x 912)

Website sizes

  • Web 1920 – (1920 x 1080)
  • Web 1366 – (1366 x 768)
  • Web 1280 – (1280 x 800)

Custom sizes

If you want a worktable of different sizes than the previous ones, you can create work tables of your Favorite size with custom size option.

Adobe XD features

  • Very easy to use.
  • interactive prototypes.
  • Creation of voice prototypes.
  • Times and animations.
  • Create multiple work tables / pages easily.
  • Different layers like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Edit .XD file in Photoshop in real time.
  • Multiple predefined forms.
  • Preview in Dropbox without downloading.
  • Advanced pencil tool for custom shapes.
  • Multilingual

System Requirements Adobe XD

  • Processor : Intel or AMD (64 bits)
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Space on hard disk : 4 GB
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Operating system : Windows 10 Creators Update (64 bits) or later


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