Acer Predator X27 review: today isn’t ready for tomorrow’s display

Acer Predator X27 is one of the first monitors to support both high resolution, 4K resolution and super fast frame rate. It's HDR with a wide color gamut, Nvidia's G-Sync, screen-breaking prevention, and overclocked 144Hz, keeping the fast-moving images smooth and costing $ 1,999. Cleary, it's not a budget monitor. This may be a dream display for PC gamers, but it requires more power and money than most people are interested in.

The Acer Predator X27 gives you a glimpse of a virtual world that is clearer, brighter and more fluid than ever before, despite high cost and extreme power demand.

  • Windows HDR bug
  • OSD navigation is tricky
  • Predator X27 is a very useful add-on to the OSD
  • The game on is the most visually pleasing gameplay I have experienced in a long time. Color pop-ups, high detail in textures, and high refresh rates make the animation smooth. HDR is a convenient feature if you are supporting it in your content. With the hood removed, some of the X27 games look as real as they really are. It's a great experience.

    acer predator x27 review today isnt ready for tomorrows display

    Cement the X27 as an ideal game monitor. Having 4K can be considered as preparing for future content. With G-Sync, which controls screen breaks with HDR10 support, a sweetener is added.

    It takes some time to get the X27 to operate at full speed. By default, HDR and 144Hz refresh rates are disabled in Acer's default settings. To actually use the full 144Hz refresh rate, first "overclock" the display panel to 144Hz using the OSD (On Screen Display), then navigate to the Nvidia Control Panel and select the new refresh rate option.

    OSD navigation consists of four buttons on the back of the monitor and a clickable red joystick. It is far from the most intuitive OSD, but deeply customizes everything from knit brightness to color temperature and contrast.

    Some PCs claim display overclock may be unstable, but Nvidia's latest Foundstone Edition RTX 2080Ti graphics card had no problem overclocking the monitor.

    Similarly, to enable HDR, go to Windows Settings, search for "HDR" and select "HDR and WCG (Wide Color Range)". You can not use HDR in Chrome for any reason. To do this, you'll need to pay for the & # 39; chrome: // flags & # 39; visit and enable the experiment feature. Once everything is set, the screen blinks a few times, but once the dust has settled, Predator X27 will be used as intended.

    The Predator X27 can not be a designer monitor if it comes with 99% of AdobeRGB and a 100% monitor hood of sRGB. It would seem to me to think of a correct color representation on a $ 2,000 monitor, and perhaps a minimal sound. So this is another bonus for the package.

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    However, it is an interesting and beautiful solution to consuming as much content as 4K, while being luxurious and costly. RTX 2080 / 2080Ti As you can see in the review, keeping the 60 frames per second in the latest titles is only available on the top $ 1,199 RTX 2080Ti card. In any situation, under HDR, and in Ultra settings Tomb Raider Shadow PUBG or Far Cry 5 144 frames per second – There is no power to sustain . As a result, even though the Predator X27's $ 2,000 price tag is peaceful, it costs more because it requires a state-of-the-art full-power gaming device to drive it .

    Like many game-oriented displays, the Acer Predator X27 is not a simple-looking 27 "monitor. When you look around you have dynamic lighting settings (rear and bottom), height adjustable feet, optional window hood and five USB 3.0 ports. The cool gaming hardware design is obvious, but it is not an ugly-looking monitor. After all, you are mainly looking at the screen and the rear is not visible.

    Several HDR-related bugs were found while using the Predator X27. When HDR is enabled and the computer wakes up from Standby ( random wake up when playing Far Cry 5 ) Sometimes the display is dimmed and looks gray. This bug also changes the default settings of the monitor. If you just look at the HDR settings and the overclocked refresh rate, it's annoying. The easiest and quickest solution is to disable / re-enable HDR on Windows 10, but once this is gone, my only option is to reset the monitor through the OSD and restart it completely.

    Other publications have experienced similar problems with HDR and shared observations with Nvidia, but in the meantime there are no permanent fixes. I will not say it is a breach of contract, even though it happened three times a week, but it is a matter of caution when investing in such a monitor.

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    If you ultimately want a 4K monitor in 2018 and you have a graphics card capable of delivering a refresh rate of 60Hz or higher, buy a 4K / 60Hz monitor! It is a more reasonable choice. If you can not reach the 144Hz target, you can get at least 60fps of gaming experience with a small amount. Asus, Dell, BenQ, yes, even Acer sells 4K / 60Hz monitors for less than $ 800, so you can experience 4K without completely saving.

    On the other hand, it is your goal to be able to live with money, one of the best 27-inch monitors, and show off on the Predator X27. However, most people would be better off waiting for the price drops for both the monitor and graphics card needed to maximize these resolutions and frame rates.

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