Everything you need to know about GTA 6 game

We’re still not sure if GTA 6, exists, but Rockstar has sold nearly 112 million GTA 5,s and it’s likely to be a sequel as a result. Red Dead Redemption 2, was released on consoles at the end of 2018 (we still hope to get to the PC).

Rockstar’s recent blockbuster games tend to run every four to five years, so if GTA 6, is the next project rather than Rockstar Table Tennis 2, the GTA 6, release date will be set at 2022/2023.

About GTA 6 game

This will fit well into the next generation of console generation, so Rockstar is likely to develop the next big game for its powerful future technology. At the moment there is very little specifics, but Hauser and other Rockstar developers generally talked about the GTA series, in circular terms. Perhaps you can find some clues.

The game apparently exists in some form. Recently, GTA 6 was listed on an artist resume in India. Rockstar acquired another large studio in India from struggling Starbreeze. This indicates that Rockstar is in charge of art resources for the next big game. However, the official announcement officially announced that GTA 6 is scheduled for 2019 turned out to be a fake.

The most important thing we want to know after the release date is when and where GTA 6 will be set up. Everything comes from the city chosen by Rockster and 10 years. When GTA 5 returns to Los Angeles, it returns to Vice City. In an interview with Develop in 2013, President Rockstar North Leslie Benzies reiterated Rockstar’s three favorite GTA cities.

Announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 game

I don’t know what GTA 6 is, but I have some ideas. We got about 45 years of ideas we want. We will choose the right one. First comes from the idea. First question. Then define the mission. I am doing something different with New York or Miami in LA. Maps and stories work together, and the story is the basic flow of how things work so you can layer your mission.

Talk about old GTA cities. A few years ago, the Liberty City scene appeared in the Rockstar developer’s profile, and clearly appeared in the engine of GTA 5. This tech test could be a tech test or a scene from a scrapped single player DLC, but Rockstar talked about putting all the cities in one mega game. It sounds ambitious, but Rockstar will have the resources to do it.

GTA 6 Release Date Trailer City Settings

Or Dan Houser suggested in 2013 that London was still interested in the environment, even if it was not part of the Grand Theft Auto series. In an interview with the Guardian, Houser said: “I thought GTA London was cool at the time, but the game was more limited. I want to start playing in the UK these days. I think there’s a great story to do, a great environment to exhibit, and a great gameplay mechanism to bend the UK, “I don’t think it would be a necessary GTA.

Who knows In another interview, Houser opened up the possibility that the new GTA could have significantly different tone and settings than the previous one, but it’s hard to imagine the series is moving away from the United States. Dr. Hauser said, “I think GTA’s DNA feels like modern, American and English. What we have done so far GTA 6 has more suspicious rumors. Know cites an internal source that sets the GTA 6 release date to 2021-2022.

GTA game leak rumores

Rumor has it that this new game will spread between Vice City, and South America. Tough Christian Today rumors round off speculation in London’s 60’s environment and time travel. The Comic Book gave confidence to an anonymous removed pastebin post, claiming that GTA 6 features several large cities linked by vast lands featuring small towns. In this version, the player starts out as a little trickster and ends the drug-run crime mission.

An anonymous Reddit post, one of the authors as a source (let me know if you know what GTA 6 is). This post suggests that GTA 6 is code-named Project Americas and will be set up in new cities based on Vice city and Rio de Janeiro. Rumor has it that it was established between 1970 and 1980, and the main character is mixed with the drug trade.

Grand Theft Auto 6 features

The game can feature drug imperial mechanics inspired by Vice City. According to these rumors, Netflix’s Narcos was a big inspiration, and cars would act like Red Dead Redemption 2 in that they offer mobile storage as well as transportation. Visually, the game is more styled than the realistic Red Dead Redemption 2, and characters can speak their own language with subtitles.

There seems to be at least some crime in GTA 6. Vice City has money as an extension of GTA Online, a huge success in GTA 5. Whatever GTA 6 is, this time you’ll see a PC released with the console. If you are still enjoying GTA 5, check out our guide to the fastest cars in GTA Online, learn how to make money in GTA Online, install the best GTA 5 modes and become an Incredible Hulk.

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