A US Navy ship used a new drone-defense system to take down an Iranian drone

On Thursday, a US Navy ship in the Gulf of Persia was known to use a new military system to neutralize an Iranian drone within 1000 yards. Military.com .

In a statement, the US Department of Defense denied that the ship 's crew was "when the USS Boxer approached the fixed – wing unmanned aircraft" closed "within threat range when the ship crossed the Strait of Hormuz."

C4ISRNET According to the Marines boarding the USS Boxer used a new system, the MRZR LMADIS, a lightweight marine air defense integration system, mounted on the Polaris MRZR vehicle shown in the Defense Department's photograph of the vessel USNI News said it was "the first known murder by a new generation of US electronic warfare and directed energy weapons."

The system consists of two vehicles, one called the "command node" and the other called the "sensor node" The vehicle is equipped with radar sensors, cameras, radio frequency sensors and radio disturbance devices. Once the crew is able to detect threats, they use jammers to intercept signals from the unmanned aerial vehicle. Military.com reported that the Navy and the Marines began testing the system earlier this year.

This incident was a result of the fact that the Iranian army shot down a US spy drone in the same area Months after the US Army began selling cheap commercial equipment on the market and foreign troops invested more in this technology Muscle years began to accept more seriously the threat posed by the drone.

As USNI News points out, jamming systems are cost effective and effective defenses. Two years ago, an American alliance used a $ 3 million patriot missile to get rid of a US $ 200 unmanned aircraft. In this case, the USS boxer had a defensive missile system capable of dropping a 5-inch gun that was part of a UAV or Phalanx Close-in Weapons System. However, the system is not always effective: guns and missiles may be missed. However, the indicated energy weapon is cheaper to operate and is more effective as this particular unmanned aerial vehicle has found.

The US Army has launched a number of experiments when using directional weapons for unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles. In June, the US Air Force released a new system called THOR (Tactical High Power Microwave Operator). The US military began investing in high-performance microwave cannons to eliminate unmanned aircraft last year.

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