A new project is trying to track hateful users’ activity on Twitter

Like other social media companies, Twitter continues to address extremism on the platform, so new projects are committed to monitoring how malicious users behave.

A new tool called the Exploring Online Hate Dashboard is a joint project between the New America Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League. The latter is dedicated to hate group tracing. The dashboard looks for trends in malicious activity through a sample of 1,000 Twitter accounts that "hate" protected groups. According to the project methodology, the researchers select 40 accounts showing malicious behavior, and then through the algorithm a larger set of related accounts data.

By organizing the data in the Twitter account, the researchers say they can signal information about trend topics and discussion sources by signaling hate in real time. From Monday afternoon, trend hashtags have problems such as harmless things like # midterms2018 or plot #qanon. Key words Key words seemed to focus on Elizabeth Warren's DNA testing. The top source mentioned in the tweets was YouTube.

Dashboards look very similar to other projects and share limitations. Hamilton 68, an online tool for tracking Russian influence operations online, is widely cited in news reports, but critics say it did not show it by releasing a secret list of monitored accounts. An online hate dashboard will inevitably keep your account list secret, making independent checks impossible. Promoting a list that the creator is describing may change the behavior of the listed users.

The group also said it would publish quarterly reports on its activities. "Our approach is designed to enable in-depth understanding of the topics, misinformation and misinformation propagated by this network."

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