A hacking ring stole millions by hijacking SIM cards, feds say

The prosecution indicted nine people this week for allegedly kidnapping a SIM card and stealing passwords from insignificant victims. According to court documents, the plan has gained more than $ 2.4 million.

In an unsolicited indictment, the Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan insists that six people living in the United States and Ireland are members of a group called the "community." Hacking, the prosecutor said, that hackers used fraud or trickery to engage in a scam called SIM Hijacking, which convinced mobile operators to transfer their phone numbers to a new SIM card.

a fraudster can bypass the security measures, such as 2-step verification, to control the victim's account. Often fraud controls the victim's cryptocurrency wallet, allowing hackers access to the funds. The community has used this technology seven times to steal cryptocurrency. As a separate complaint, the prosecution charged three mobile phone operator operators to provide bribes as part of the crime.

While phone company employees were charged with fraudulent charges, hackers were charged with various fraud and identity thefts. If you are convicted, you can be put in prison for decades.

SIM hijacking has become an increasingly popular plan and law enforcement continues. Earlier this year, a California man was guilty of a hijacking plan and became the first person to be imprisoned using this technology.

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