A first look at Surface Duo, Microsoft’s foldable Android phone

Microsoft was surprised to see Surface Duo this week. It's been a long-awaited Surface phone, rumored for years, and it's surprisingly running Google's Android operating system. Designed to be a small brother of Surface Neo, a dual-screen device that unveiled Windows 10X yesterday.

Surface Duo has only two 5.6-inch displays and 4.8mm that fold into 8.3-inch full screen. 360-degree hinges allow it to fold completely like many 2-in-1 laptops. Microsoft says it's dedicated to dual-screen devices because it allows people to do more on the go.

This week has the opportunity to take a closer look at Surface Duo. The first impression was simple. Man is much smaller than the picture. You couldn't play with the software on this device, but you could put it in your jeans pocket, and it's the first pocket Surface device. Looks and feels like a small tablet, which is also a mobile phone.

a first look at surface duo microsofts foldable android phone

Microsoft does not consider this phone as a mobile phone. Panos Panay, Microsoft's chief product officer, seems that “& # 39; phone & # 39; is such a limited word. “Then say“ smart phone. ” I don't know what that means. Then I'm not sure what ‘phablet’ is. If you are going to create a new category, you will try to change things and move forward. I felt lost as soon as I put it in the box so I resisted it quite a bit. Not because it doesn't work like a great phone. "

The phone or tablet discussion is aside from the debate. It's amazing that Microsoft is releasing both Android and Windows-based devices that are dual-screen and share the same design. Microsoft uses Android on Surface Duo It may sound surprising, but it's actually the company's only choice if you want to build a pocket-sized device that can replace your phone.

Panay acknowledges exactly why Surface Duo is running Android. Well, because it's the app you want. ”“ I want it because there are hundreds of thousands of apps. [Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella] And I talked about it: meeting the customer's current location and location. "

" Simple. You literally need an app. "

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He wasn't wrong. Microsoft wasn't attracting developer and consumer attention with Windows Phone, but it didn't gain the market share it needed to compete with the dominance of iOS and Android. It's completely embracing Android with its own Surface hardware, as it is,

This decision will raise many questions about the future of Windows, and much more.Microsoft has partnered with Google for dual-screen devices. The company wants to create some type of API layer on top of Android, which requires tight integration and means that Microsoft is bringing code to Android, which, like the work on Chromium, will help Microsoft's future Means it's based on Panay Doesn't see it that way

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no” Panay on Android's potential for Microsoft's future. “Provide what customers want in the form factor they're using. We've learned this, let's deploy the right operating system in the wrong product or in a different way, but what's the right operating system for the form factor, and in this case, Android is the obvious choice for mobile devices, but Windows is the most Important. "

1570108015 868 a first look at surface duo microsofts foldable android phone

Panos Panay with Surface Duo.

Panay says Microsoft is developing Surface Duo hardware. It's not an immediate response to Samsung's Galaxy Fold, Huawei's Mate X or anything else for three years. The company chose two separate glass displays instead of folding plastics, and I think this will move forward until the folding display technology is actually ready. According to Panay, the hardware doesn't change between now and device launch, but next year there will be a Snapdragon 855 processor that can be upgraded to the latest from Qualcomm. There's also the idea that there's no camera outside the device, and the camera included above the display is used to flip the display to take a photo.

Register regularly what exactly Android on Duo delivers. Can't use your smartphone? Microsoft has shown some examples of dragging and dropping content between apps and displays on the Duo, and Panay suggests that the company can use Project xCloud to run games on one side and controllers on the other. However, it's still in the early stages of software and Microsoft hasn't figured out all the scenarios yet.

Thus, the company announced a year before the launch of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. Microsoft needs to support its developers with dual-screen ambitions, and they are trying to release Surface Duo and Neo devices so that the app can be released in late 2020. Panay says.

The real question is what happens if this Surface Duo-sized device can support the same screen size as Surface Neo? Smartphones that convert to tablets, laptops, and full PCs with docks have long been a science fiction dream, and in the next 10 years you'll get a device to try it. How can Surface Duo running Android succeed so Microsoft can create something slightly bigger than Surface Neo running Windows 10X?

1570108015 14 a first look at surface duo microsofts foldable android phone

Surface Duo (left) and Surface Neo (right).

“I don't look at it,” Panay says. "I think there's a bigger thing between the neo and the duo." Microsoft has spent years researching different screen sizes, with a significant amount of research supporting the decision. “After all, what will people do? What is the correct size? And the biggest thing we can do, but can we still make it small? ”And I know it sounds like a kind of oxymoron, but it's overwhelming. I found a design point where I think the biggest product could be in the mobile space. That's what I believe I may be wrong, but I'm also looking at the roadmap but not anything bigger than this. We have found a design point that thinks the biggest product could be in the mobile space. ”

Microsoft announced a lot of new hardware this week and it feels like the company has a Surface device for almost everyone. Started. Now you have a Surface Duo phone that supports slightly more smartphones than a regular display, and if you want to move from a device like a tablet to your laptop, you have a Surface Neo or Surface Pro. You have a giant display like Surface Hub 2 or a unique all-in-one PC like Surface Studio. Microsoft is covering the basics of accessories with Surface headphones and Surface Earbuds.

Surface started as the table of the future before Microsoft released its tablet and laptop hybrids. Microsoft is chasing what they think will be the next major hardware form factor transition and is trying to have a software and developer ecosystem when it's mainstream.

Microsoft is now for app developers and consumers, this dual screen device is the new device category we've all been waiting for. But in the end, Surface is no longer a tablet, which is also a laptop. Microsoft's ideas for the future.

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