A first look at Microsoft’s new Chromium-powered Edge browser

Microsoft is restructuring its Edge browser on Chromium. The software maker tested the version of this browser inside Microsoft, and The Verge exclusively looked at the initial work because of the source that wanted to remain anonymous. Previously leaked screenshots made the Edge look very similar to Chrome, but Microsoft is adding unique touches and animations to give it the look and feel of a Windows browser.

When you first install the Chromium version of Edge, Microsoft can import your favorites, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome or Edge (depending on the default). The Settings screen also prompts you to select a style on the Basic tab page before you start browsing.

Most of the browser's user interface is a mix of Chrome and Edge, and Microsoft apparently wanted to add a little bit here and there. It has easy-to-read accessibility options and reads pages as if they were in previous versions of Edge. Microsoft also supports extensions and supports extension pages that support extensions. You can install the Chrome extension from the Google online store simply by switching the switch in the extension settings.

I tried several extensions like 1Password and Ghostery. Chrome works as expected. Microsoft provides synchronization support for the extension of the configuration interface for this new version of Edge, but it does not appear to be available anytime soon. The page says, "More of the features listed above will be able to sync next month." Favorites can only be synced at this time, but settings, history, extensions, open tabs, passwords, and autofill information can not be synced.

The early version of Chrome, Edge, feels Microsoft's new browser is very sophisticated. It is also very fast to start and explore. If Microsoft can continue to do this good work and keep the Edge in an optimized state in the future, we will not know why Windows should no longer use Chrome. I would not have recommended the Edge because it was often slow, clunky, and not always working properly with the website. This new Edge has a completely different impression thanks to the Chromium backend.

When this new version of Edge becomes publicly available from Microsoft, it is not yet clear, but it is very likely that the most recent internal build will be stable and work well. soon. If Microsoft plans to launch a beta test of the Chromium-powered Edge browser, we will continue to update.

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